Quality and environment integrated policy

NOKEN state through this document all basis and general goals of the company regarding quality and environment. The scope will englobe the design, development, distribution and commercialization of sanitaryware, brassware, towel warmers, mirrors, bathroom accessories, bathtubs, shower trays and bathroom furnitures by NOKEN DESIGN. There are no exclusions to the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015; therefore:

  • NOKEN have as their major priority the commitment of regularly supply, with the best service, products that fully satisfy the needs, the expectations and the implicit and explicit requirements of the customers and rest of stakeholders, fulfilling, of course, with all the applicable legal and regulation requirements.
  • This commitment implies keeping the quality leadership, as well as the brand competitiveness from customer’s approach and rest of stakeholders, the continuous improvement, the protection of the environment and the reduction of the environmental impacts, the knowledge of the company scope, the management of the relationships, the commitment of the people and the decision-making based on evidence.
  • Obtaining products of great quality must be based on customer’s approach and rest of stakeholders, the continuous improvement of the methods and the efficiency of the quality system.
  • Customer’s approach and rest of stakeholders, their satisfaction and the continuous improvement are the three main pillars of our policy of quality and environment. This document is the commitment from the general management so it can reach all levels in the company.
  • In order to properly apply this Management System are required the work and commitment from all the parties in the company.

The main goals in the organization to fulfil with the commitment are:

  • To guarantee customer’s approach and resto of stakeholders, the continuous improvement and the compliance of the requirements and expectations of all parties and the standard and legislation that affects to the organization.
  • To assist on the environment protection, the pollution prevention and minimize all significant environmental aspects.
  • To create and forward all the necessary resources to the members of the organization, so that we can achieve all the goals stablished in the management system through the leadership, the awareness, the participation and commitment of all the parties in the organization.

With no goals to fulfil, there are no challenges, so there is no room for improvement either.

Therefore, we will periodically stablish concrete quality and environment goals that will be communicated to all parties. We will develop a planning to achieve these goals: stablishing actions, resources, controls, conformance criteria and evaluations; by introducing all these aspects in the management system we will be able to guarantee the success to achieve the quality and environment goals.