Shower trays

38-1/3" X 37-1/3" shower base. Stainless steel drain plate included. Tile flange included. For other special colors,...



USA shower tray valve D3.2” (82MM). Stainless steel cover trim. Body in ABS. ABS.



USA shower tray valve D3.2” (82MM). Stainless steel cover trim. Body in brass. Brass.

Having decided to install a shower tray in the bathroom, we must consider the material, the measurements and the look we wish to create. Apart from its design, there are technical aspects to our choice. The size of the bathroom, limitations in terms of the installation required, its functions and the needs of each household will be key considerations and will condition the decision-making process.

Shower trays materials

One of the most important variables is the material of which it is made. In a wet space it is crucial to guarantee resistance, hygiene, durability, easy maintenance and the safety of users. We offer various options for shower trays: ceramic, acrylic, fibreglass, resin, mineral load, etc. A choice of colours is available in a range of non-slip shower trays, which can be repaired and easily cleaned and maintained.

Measurements and installation of shower trays

The space available must also be taken into account when determining whether we need a standard shower tray or one made to measure, as well as the position and inclination of the water outlet, a key consideration if we are planning a floor-level shower tray, as there needs to be sufficient space in the base for the water to run out.

As well as standard options for measurements, in small bathrooms or those requiring a more personalized design, a made-to-measure shower tray can ensure the success of the project. Our Slate shower tray can be cut to size.

A choice of looks

Noken's shower equipment comes in a wide range of looks, with different colours, such as white, grey or black, models with different textures or designs for the base or the water outlet, floor-level shower trays, and shower trays with finishes inspired by stone and natural wood. The Finish Studio series, using digital printing techniques with state-of-the-art UV-LED ink to match the shower tray with the flooring and the walls in the bathroom.

The PORCELANOSA Group bathroom equipment catalogue offers a wide range of options so every bathroom design can be unique and perfectly suited to each home.