Wall-mount toilet. Works with 1.6-0.8gpf (6.0-3.0lpf) and water surface area 5"x4". 2 1/8" fully-glazed trapway. Asme...

i-comfort line


One-piece independant toilet with electronic seat and cover.. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. Single flush...

new nk one


One-piece toilet with uf soft close seat. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. Dual flush valve "Touchless" 1.2/0.9...

new nk one


One-piece toilet with uf soft close seat. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. Dual flush 1.2/0.9 gpf (4.5/3.5lpf)...

new nk one


One-piece toilet. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. Uf soft-close seat and cover with stainless steel hinges....

urban c


One-piece toilet. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. UF Slim Soft-close seat and cover with stainless steel...



Two pieces toilet. Required minimum 12" (30.5cm) rough-in. Single flush of 1.2 GPF - 4.5 liters. Polypropilene seat and...



Two pieces tank. With single flush valve of 1.2 GPF (4.5 Lpf). Chromed push button actuator on side.. Toilet...



Reinforced wax ring seal for one piece toilets outlet.

Modern toilet types

For all tastes, for all needs, and to make accessible bathrooms more inclusive for older people or those with reduced mobility. And also tailored to the space available: compact toilets ideal for smaller spaces, and others perfect for large bathrooms. And, of course, for all trends and styles - from cutting-edge minimalism to the most exquisite classic designs. You'll find all types of toilets in our range.

Wall-mounted toilets

Generally speaking, bathroom design is moving towards a minimalist aesthetic based on the simplicity of forms and the quest for the cleanest possible lines and spaciousness, which is what makes wall-mounted toilets the perfect option.

Wall-mounted WCs can be easily adapted to any bathroom layout, space or style, allowing you to make the most of the capacity and size of your bathroom. And thanks to different technologies like Smart Box, Smart Line, Contracts Line and I-Comfort L, they come with a built-in system giving you complete freedom of design, with components such as the tank and waste hidden completely from view.

They take up less space because the cistern is housed within the wall. We also offer even more compact toilets such as the 49 cm Acro Compact which benefits from a shorter projection, making it a great fit for limited spaces.

Our wall-mounted toilets can also be adapted to suit the user's height for even more comfort. They also make cleaning easier, as they don't have any hard-to-reach corners.

Thanks to the concealed, built-in cistern system, wall-mounted toilets will add a sense of visual lightness to your interior design scheme. Elegance suspended in the air, making maintenance and cleaning easier.

You can choose from gloss and matte white options in some of our series, as well as other distinctive pieces such as matt black, a range of greys and pastel colours by Finish Studio.

Standalone toilets

Simplicity and minimalism are the most current trends in bathroom design right now, so designs that hide most of the elements and installation from view, leaving only the essentials on show, are a must for modern bathrooms.

And standalone toilets are the perfect fit. Their light visual impact and capacity to make spaces feel more spacious are the main benefits, so more and more homes are going for this type of toilet when doing up their bathrooms.

At Noken we're more than aware of this, so we've designed a wide range of standalone toilets to suit all users and fit in with any aesthetic. Your bathroom may be small, but the decorative potential is limitless.

Standalone toilets are smaller than traditional toilets, and keep the cistern and waste hidden from view, so you only see what you need to see.

Back-to-wall toilets (with cistern attached to the wall)

Also known as BTW, the main advantage of this type is that because they're completely attached to the wall, you don't see any of the fittings, making it look aesthetically lighter. Plus, there's no awkward gap to clean at the back.

Cistern toilets

We're getting more and more choice when it comes to toilet designs, and you can find one to suit all decorative styles; from toilets with clean lines for modern minimalist bathrooms, to more classic style toilets with vintage personality. But when we think about toilets, it's inevitable that the first thing that springs to mind is the traditional cistern design, a fixture of the majority of home bathrooms for years.

With the aim of updating bathroom design and covering all the decorative styles and possibilities out there, we also have a wide range of cistern toilets that can be adapted to all types of décor styles.

We work hard to ensure all our cistern toilets offer maximum quality and high performance, incorporating ECO dual flush technology for improved water consumption. Thanks to this system, you can save water by up to 56%, making our toilets a more sustainable choice.

Japanese toilets

Japanese toilets are another design that conforms to the philosophy of modernity. They feature a water jet with several massage options, water temperature controls, and five drying levels, giving you the ability to tailor settings to every individual.

Specifically, our Acro Compact I-Smart toilet and the version made for large-scale projects, I-Comfort Line.

An evolution in smart toilets, bringing aesthetics and technology together in harmony. Minimalist and timeless. Modern toilets that represent a return to the source.

I-Comfort Line consists of an operating plate with a single button and infra-red flush system for frames with an odour extraction system.

Which modern WC?

If you're wondering which modern toilet to buy, 'it depends' is the honest answer. It depends on your needs and preferences. Choosing the right fit for your style is essential, of course. But you also need to think about function and practicality.

Noken has a huge variety of modern toilets, so you're sure to find the perfect choice for you and your bathroom.

Where to buy the ideal toilet

If one of our brand's toilets is the one for you, you can use our store locator to find the nearest Noken store to you.