At Noken, we strive constantly update and adapt all our pieces in line with the changing needs of users. We want our bathroom equipment to be perfect, so we look at three key factors: comfort, safety and ease of maintenance. And when it comes to sanitaryware, the best way to guarantee we get these three elements right is getting the toilet seat right.

Toilet seats and lids

The ultimate goal is to achieve a winning blend of aesthetic beauty, comfort and quality in toilet seat and lid design. We've included two innovations in our products that guarantee these properties:

Noken Lift-Up: Easy cleaning and maintenance

One of the special features that makes for easier cleaning - guaranteeing maximum toilet hygiene - is our Noken Lift-Up system. With a gentle pull, the lift-up technology allows you to easily detach the seat and lid of the toilet and replace it after cleaning. No tools required - the innovative hinges mean you can do it all by hand. Because you can take it apart like this, you can clean it thoroughly, quickly and easily, promoting maximum hygiene and optimum maintenance of your toilet.

Comfort and safety: Noken Soft-Close

Noken Soft-Close guarantees your bathroom equipment is both safe and comfortable. Our soft-closing technology for toilet seats and lids meets the highest demands of comfort. It results in a softer, slower and quieter closing motion - no more annoying clashing sounds disturbing your peace at home.

Another advantage of the Soft-Close system is it makes it safer for children using the toilet, protecting them from getting their fingers caught underneath a dropping lid or seat.

Coloured toilet lids

White is undoubtedly the most common colour for bathroom equipment, but you could always add a splash of colour to our seat and lid models with Finish Studio finishes. Choose from pieces in timeless white, black or matt grey; or go bolder with pastel colours from the Essence C collection and turn your toilet seat into the undisputed star of your bathroom.

Which toilet seat and lid to buy

If you're wondering which toilet seat and lid to buy, 'it depends' is the honest answer. Following the décor scheme of your bathroom is essential, and you should also opt for one in line with your own needs and desired functions.

Noken offers a range of toilet seats and lids, so you're sure to find the perfect option for you and your bathroom.

Where to buy the ideal toilet seat and lid

If one of our brand's toilet seats or lids is the one for you, you can use our easy Noken store locator to find your nearest showroom.