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Shower column

Simplicity, functionality, innovation and ecology are the four requirements on which the Noken shower columns are based. The result of ongoing research by Porcelanosa Bathrooms in bathroom columns that make having that daily shower a real pleasure. Despite the versatility of available designs, all of them look for practicality, ease of use and easy maintenance. Shower columns made with the best materials on the market, which are available in both thermostatic and mixer versions.

The minimalist design stands out in shower columns, like that in the Tono collection, designed by Foster+Partners. Functional essentiality with signature aesthetic. Delicate simplicity and the same chrome finish offered by other Noken shower column designs, all of them in a thermostatic shower column version and mixer. Noken also includes in its bathroom column catalogue more rectilinear and modern designs for cutting-edge bathrooms, as well as options which combine the chrome finish with colour.

Thermostatic shower columns: greater safety and accuracy

The thermostatic shower columns offer all these shower tap benefits. This is the case with the stability and precision in the temperature. The selected temperature can be seen straight away, keeping the shower experience constant, as well as the energy and water saving. Safety is another of the advantages that these thermostatic shower column taps have, which includes the Safe Stop function. This technology blocks the temperature of the water at 38ºC to guarantee safety, especially for children. This system also cuts the hot water supply off in case of a cold water supply interruption and like so, the risk of burns is prevented.

The hand shower is another element offered by the shower columns, providing an optional water outlet for the showerhead. In the case of the Tono shower column, this includes a magnetic support.

Mood is Noken's digital shower column. Several shower programs with the ECO character are available, optimising resources and the time in the shower.

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