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Bathroom faucets

Faucets are key items in bathroom fittings. In this regard, their design must impress, without compromising other features such as functionality and sustainability. Porcelanosa Bathrooms sets the standard in releasing designs for bathroom faucets which are not only focused on avant-garde design and innovation, but also on meeting the demands of both the user and the bathroom style itself. Noken analyses each piece in detail from the early stages of the design, from the production phase right up to the service for our clients; with the aim of guaranteeing bathroom faucets with a unique style, which are highly durable and sustainable. They are geared towards water and energy savings, less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, the same as those from the WaterForest range.

The quality of the bathroom faucets is key for Noken, both in the production process and the choice of high-range materials. The PORCELANOSA Grupo company carries out rigorous tests and supervises the chroming phase so that we can achieve incredible beauty, and excellent durability and resistance in the finish. The cartridge, which is seen as the central part of the faucets, is the reason why regular tests have to be carried out so that its reliability is controlled. These tests confirm the durability over the years, as well as the smooth movement for greater comfort for the user, meeting the strictest quality standards at the same time.   

With regard to the design, Noken keeps an eye on the latest interior design trends in order to define modern-day and timeless bathroom faucets, which greatly enhance any project with their sinuous lines or simple finishes, depending on the bathroom requirements. As well as that, Noken is the leading company because of its range of finishes, which all offer unique and exclusive designs for modern bathrooms.  

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