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Free Standing

Bath design has evolved, to the extent that freestanding baths now resemble sculptural works. An evolved form of the traditional bath, which you can place in any position in the bathroom to achieve an ultra-minimalist yet relaxed room scheme.

Advantages of freestanding baths

    • In terms of aesthetics, freestanding baths embody polished, restrained design. Innovative geometric or asymmetric forms give stunning shape to this jewel in your bathroom's crown, making it the centrepiece.
    • A haven of peace and relaxation. These coveted pieces can be installed in any position in the bathroom, and turning your bathroom into a genuine wellness retreat. 
    • Freestanding baths give you added freedom in terms of your design and layout.
    • Freestanding baths are quicker, easier and simpler to install.
    • You can get in from any side.
    • Thanks to the seamless join-free design, they simply exude beauty and grace.
    • They're designed to offer improved ergonomics. 

Bathrooms with freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are the perfect haven, the place where you can find peace and relaxation. They can be installed in any corner of your bathroom: a freestanding bath will instantly transform your bathroom into a wellness space. Our catalogue pulls together all our freestanding baths, including options to suit any bathroom or need.

Small bathroom? That doesn't mean giving up on your dream of a freestanding bath. The layout may pose more of a challenge, but there are ways you can make this piece fit in a compact bathroom

If you have more space available you have the luxury of being able to hone your design and aesthetics, with the option to install a separate shower and bath. Pieces like these can form the decorative foundation of your large bathroom: the perfect centrepiece for the most exclusive of designs. 

Our freestanding bath shapes

At the design level, we offer a wide range of shapes: oval, rectangular, square and round. Plus, each format is available in a range of sizes; choose the one that best suits your style and the space you have. 

If you've set your sights on a splash of colour, Finish Studio finishes can make it a reality. You could opt for a piece with coloured plinths: unique design guaranteed. Match the colour with your accessories and get your own, completely personalised space.

Oval baths

Oval baths give your bathroom a unique and distinctive edge, and entice you to lie back and unwind. This element of your bathroom will be the main event; the focal point of your bathroom. They look ideal positioned away from the walls.

Round baths

Round baths are designed for the centre of the room, making the most of their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Our exquisite Soleil Round outdoor baths are a fine example.

Square baths

Turn bathing into a sensational experience with a square bathtub. This design gives you the option to add different functions, maximising the wellness concept and turning your bathroom into a spa.

Soleil Square is worth another mention. This time in a square format, it's ideal for bathing beneath the stars.

Rectangular baths

The classic shape of a rectangular bath will make your bathroom aesthetic fine and restrained, yet delicate.

They may be the most traditional shape, but that doesn't make them any less impressive. Our Tono bath for example is an utterly unique design. It comes with our Care System electronic features to give you unparalleled relaxation moments.

Dimensions of our freestanding baths 

Our freestanding baths come in a wide range of dimensions. 

Marne is our smallest freestanding bath, measuring 140 cm long; whilst Lounge is 150 cm. There are a range of sizes to choose from: our largest measures an impressive 190 cm. with baths like the new Alma or Tono.

Features and programmes for freestanding baths

The various hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy programmes included in some of our next-generation baths offer users personalised relaxation. Choose your relaxation moment based on your mood and needs, and maximum comfort is guaranteed - along with a host of physical and mental benefits.  

Which freestanding bath to buy

If you're wondering which freestanding bath to buy, it all depends on your preferences, tastes and situation. You need to think about how you'll use it, and of course go for one that suits your style and space.

Where can I shop for freestanding baths?

If you decide on one of ours, go to our Noken store locator to find your nearest showroom.

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