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Bathroom basins

The washbasin is, together with the taps, the essential protagonist of the bathroom, playing an important decorative role. Therefore, it is necessary that it has a design that makes it shine, without forgetting to adapt completely to both the taps and the general style of the bathroom. This is true for small washbasins as well as for larger double basins.

Modern washbasins with different finishes and shapes

The latest trends in modern washbasin design look towards the traditional bathrooms, either on the floor or on top of the bathroom furniture. However, they are also moving towards more minimalist designs, such as wall-mounted, built-in or wall-hung basins, always meeting the user's expectations in terms of their daily beauty and hygiene rituals.

One of Noken's special features in terms of bathroom washbasin designs is that we offer a range of formats, whether in different sizes or finishes. We also have series that fit in perfectly with every decorative style, from classic and vintage to more modern or forward-looking bathrooms.

Types of washbasins

The sizes of washbasins, ranging from 40 cm to 140 cm, are one way of categorising them, but not the only way. Below we highlight some types that are not to be missed: 

Built-in washbasin

They are installed in a way that allows the washbasin to be fully embedded in the worktop or cabinet.

They are ideal for any setting, especially those with a minimalist flair that visually lighten the aesthetics. Besides, they make full use of the worktop space. 

Wall-hung washbasin

Wall-hung washbasins are an ideal solution in small bathrooms, although this is not always the main reason for installing them.

Its capacity to improve the usability of the space, to transmit greater visual lightness and to facilitate cleaning by leaving the floor uncluttered are other advantages that may lead to this choice.

Wall-hung washbasins are also a very common alternative for restaurants and hotels, as they do not require furniture for storage and offer a refined aesthetic. 

Support washbasin

Countertop washbasins are a trend in any of their versions, whether circular, oval, square or rectangular-shaped.

Ideal if the washbasin is to have a prominent place in the bathroom. 

Handcrafted washbasins

Handcrafted washbasins are also very trendy. Such is the case with our Slender washbasins with their Finish Studio finish and unique charm. They are unique pieces, hand-painted and inspired by nature. A real jewel for the bathroom.

Functionality and innovation in Noken toilets

Our constant innovation means that our company's production processes include quality ceramics, an ultra-resistant and highly durable material that simplifies cleaning and maintenance, increases hygiene and enhances the elegance and exquisiteness of the most modern washbasin pieces. 

Which washbasin to choose 

When deciding on a washbasin, there are several key factors to take into account:

  • The size, because in the case of a small bathroom, a wall-hung washbasin can streamline the atmosphere if a minimalist style is preferred.
  • Style it in a way that conveys the essence of your personality and, at the same time, matches the decoration of the rest of the house.
  • The day-to-day needs of its users, because, for example, it is not the same for a bathroom to be shared with a couple or family - where the option of a double washbasin would be preferable - as it would be for a single person.

In addition to all this, you can choose both small washbasins to make the most of every centimetre, as well as pieces to be enjoyed comfortably in company thanks to the spaciousness of the double washbasins

Where can I buy the washbasin I want?

We offer a wide range of washbasins where you can find the perfect option for you and your bathroom.

If you want one of our brand's washbasins, please have a look at our Noken shop finder to locate your nearest shop.

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