Bathroom shelves are a practical way to make your bathroom more functional, making everyday objects more accessible and improving comfort. Bathroom furniture and accessories such as bathroom shelves or shower shelves, allow us to make better use of our time and simplify day-to-day living. Our practical solutions include versatile options such as shelves on which you can also hang towels, combining the bathroom shelf and the towel rail in a single product.

Bathroom shelves: good looks and perfect design

However, practical considerations are not the only requirement for a perfect bathroom. The key is to create a space where we feel relaxed in calm surroundings. It is essential to choose materials that work well together and contribute to the overall harmonious look. The shelf’s finish is as important as its form and material. The latest trend is towards metal in special colours, such as matte black, replacing the traditional shiny chrome finish.

More traditional materials, such as glass, are ideal for small bathrooms, as their transparency increases the sense of space.

Shower shelves: resistance and durability in contact with water

In wet areas such as the bath or shower surround, it is even more important to use highly durable materials for items such as shower shelves and other accessories such as soap holders. One of the key indicators of durability is the quality of chrome finishes. Our Maximum Chrome finish guarantees the beauty and durability of the product, thanks to strict quality control and daily monitoring during the chrome plating process to ensure the optimum thicknesses of nickel and chrome for each piece.