Daily beauty and hygiene rituals require the integration of magnifying mirrors in the bathroom, making available to our customers a specific range that is designed to meet more specific needs.

The fact is that the various models of magnifying mirrors are very useful to be able to see with more detail and definition, thus facilitating everyday actions such as the process of makeup, hairstyle or application of contact lenses. In this way and, thinking exclusively about improving comfort in the bathroom, magnifying mirrors are an ideal accessory both for the private environment and for example, bathrooms in hotels or restaurants.

Beyond their usefulness as an essential element in everyday use, magnifying mirrors are also crucial in the decoration of the bathroom set: a strategic positioning of the same and an avant-garde design can become that different element of the interior design.

At Noken we have the Tono model, a round magnifying mirror with an aluminum frame and magnetic back, minimalist and that perfectly matches any decorative style.

On the other hand, we also have two models from the Hotels collection of magnifying mirrors with extendable arm to install on the wall, ideal for hotel bathrooms but can also be integrated into any private area.

The main advantage that magnifying mirrors have an extendable arm is that it allows you to modulate the inclination and viewing angles and you can also zoom in and out at your convenience, not occupying walking space as it can be folded down, remaining completely folded and overlapped at the height of the wall where it is located.

It should be noted that one of these models is a magnifying mirror with integrated LED light, to be able to see in all detail, which makes it ideal for aesthetic care. More confort, better quality of life.