Patrik Schumacher

About me

“In recent years, inspiration has largely come from nature, from the infinite forms of nature. The complexity, versatility and adaptability of organic forms is what fascinates us, what we study, what we emulate in our designs.”

Patrik Schumacher

The right hand of Zaha Hadid. The driving force in the continuity of her work. Patrik Schumacker (1961), is an architect and architecture academic. He studied Philosophy and Mathematics in Bonn, as well as Architecture in Stuttgart and London. In 1988, still a student, he joined the Zaha Hadid design studio. Since then, Schumacher has worked as the director of Zaha Hadid Architects. Since Hadid’s death in March 2016, he has led the company, representing deconstructivism and taking the spirit of Zaha Hadid wherever his projects go.

Collection VITAE

The latest jewel by Zaha Hadid. The constantly daring design undertaken by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, who passed away in March 2016. Her constant interest in the transformation of design led her to create a collection which stands out due to its capacity for masterfully integrating organic lines and liquid forms, full of innovation and sustainability.