Noken Ceramic: high range ceramic

Noken Ceramic is an ultra-compact ceramic which guarantees high resistance in the bathroom fittings thanks to firing at 1250º.

Material innovation and high quality to raise sanitary ceramics to a higher level.
Discover its properties.

Durability: the perfection of the unalterable

We seek toilets as timelessly perfect as on their first day. This is achieved thanks to seeking select raw materials, and their distinctive NK Protect property, combined with the enamelling process, a hypoallergenic, poreless material is obtained, resistant to scratching and unaltered by thermal shock. The Noken Ceramic solution also has very demanding quality testing, on both planimetry and surfaces.

Pure white: simplicity and extreme cleanliness

Extreme white. Synonymous with cleanliness. The bastion of bathrooms seeking spaciousness, serenity and minimalism, achieved thanks to the careful selection of materials which create immeasurable purity.

100% hygiene: the purity of a material

The low porosity of the material and its 100% white design elevate hygiene to the highest level, aesthetically and technically. The secret of this high range sanitary ceramic is its flat surface, preventing the accumulation of dirt. Its covering protects it from cracks and impurities, facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

Easy cleaning

Sanitary ceramics require little time and effort for cleaning, allowing easy maintenance and preserving the highest guarantees.