Showers: Maximise your shower experience

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 23 ago 2017

The Wellness experience in our home is a trend that is gathering pace at a rapid rate. As discussed in an earlier post on revitalising bathroom solutions, the firm, Noken, is committed to creating experiences that go beyond personal care and hygiene. A universe around water and its benefits, through therapies which enhance our senses, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy materialising in the shower.

The wellness showerhead range by Noken is designed to offer positive effects on personal well-being. Relaxation through cutting-edge designs that are inspired by the flow of water and its power of transformation.

XXL Showerheads: NK Logic. Maximalism arrives in the shower 

The showerhead size will be proportional to the pleasure experienced in the shower.

This is how the XXL showers trend is created: the larger the water outlet disc is, the bigger the rain shower will be, maximizing the experience in the shower. With an equivalent consumption of water, there is a more efficient distribution of water that surrounds the body. The hand shower and showerheads dimensions have been expanded, and as well as really standing out, they lay the foundations for an entirely new product category.

Therefore, the NK Logic XXL showerhead is a shower experience reinvention, following the premise that an attractive design and high-impact size are the minimum requirements that showers must meet today. Its double rain shower water outlet with 1000x500 mm provides a fine layer of rain that goes all over the entire body when under a wall-hung shower with a definite and timeless design that makes it a perfectly combinable element in any bathroom.

SLIMEline Showerheads: Neptune Slim 

If we add to the experience an extra-thin shower aesthetic in large dimensions, the bathroom becomes, aesthetically speaking, a more attractive space, and the showerhead turns into an imposing architectural element. Despite its size, the Neptune Slim showerhead range has a reduced thickness of just 3 mm, in a size of 500 mm. 

A visually light aesthetic adds a whole range of possibilities to the shower in its different sizes, shapes and finishes, along with the types of installation. In addition, the Slimeline showerhead range are environmentally friendly, since the use of a flow rate limiter allows for a lower usage of water and energy.

Whether cascade or rain, Noken, through its wellness showers offers an experience that enhances the daily shower to the max, capable of transmitting to those who try it out a pleasant feeling of vitality, along with a refreshed and energetic feeling, taking them from the stresses of the day. An authentic festival of health and sensations for our senses.