Urban-C: practical bathrooms at the service of contemporaneity

Category: Products
Date: 13 jul 2016

Both a strong practical spirit and a unique creative view make up the complete Urban-C bathroom collection by Noken. Starting from the concept of an integral design making the bathroom an exclusive space, this series for bathroom equipment banks on functionality, but without compromising the contemporary and ultra-cosmopolitan line and finishes. By means of Urban-C, in other words, a collection based on a perfect design for modern bathrooms, the user can get solutions that both inspire and excite, and furthermore, that have little maintenance properties which really impress. Its quality goes further than common bathrooms, and sustainability is definitely a must, a feature which is vital in all the bathrooms of the future. With regard to its aesthetics, Urban-C shows a fine design of soft curves and an intense freshness. Characteristics which, together with the outstanding simplicity and the finest elegance, are able to entice contemporaneity.