The Feng Shui Home: how to get a Feng Shui style bathroom

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 07 jul 2021

The west surrenders to Asian culture with Feng Shui style. An age-old Chinese philosophy with a Taoist origin which is based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space so that atmospheres exert a positive influence on the lives of its occupants.

This Eastern tradition emphasises the importance of shades, the arrangement of space and the orientation of objects when maintaining and enhancing the positive energy of the atmospheres. A Philosophy which requires special expertise in the bathroom, since according to the experts, this is a space marked by an energy leak, caused by the large number of drains and water in motion.

At Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, we help you get a bathroom with the purest Feng Shui style, with simple suggestions that will provide your bathroom with both balance and peace.

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Positive energy: the importance of feng shui in the bathroom

"A haven, a temple to self-care and pampering your body and mind". That is the basic concept behind feng shui in the bathroom, and why it's so important.

It's without doubt one of the most important rooms in our homes. And it isn't just about cleanliness and body care, it goes deeper: it's sometimes the only place where you can take time out and relax, disconnect with the outside world, (re)connect with yourself, and let your mind (re)connect with your emotions. 

Feng Shui in the bathroom: practical tips on style

Some of the basic concepts when considering Feng Shui style are: the bathroom door cannot be in front of the mirror and drains and doors must always be closed so that the energy does not bounce or go outside.

In terms of decoration, it is crucial to include natural elements such as plants, ceramic vases and fresh flowers; as well as elements that evoke good memories for the user such as pictures of loved ones or aromatic candles.

Keep reading to find out all the secrets of feng shui in the bathroom.


5 tips for a feng shui bathroom

1 - Location matters.

Did you know that having your bathroom in the north position of your home is the best option, linking it closest to the water element? When you're planning a bathroom renovation or house build, this is definitely something to think about. And there are more considerations, including locating your feng shui bathroom as far from your front door as possible.


2 – En-suite bathrooms?

Feng shui dictates that you shouldn't locate your bathroom adjacent to you and your partner's bedroom. This layout in effect mixes relationship energies with cleanliness and hygiene energies. If you can't avoid it, make sure you always keep your bathroom door closed.


3 - Separate your toilet from the rest of the bathroom

Symbolically, it's advisable to isolate the toilet from the rest of your bathroom elements if at all possible. You could do this with a screen or a pony wall, for example.

In terms of energy, feng shui considers bathrooms to have the lowest flow.

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4 - Adjust your mirror

You want to see a good reflection of yourself, so make sure you hang your bathroom mirror correctly and pay attention to lighting. It should be a decent size, be high quality and not distorted in any way.

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5 - Water as a representation of wealth.

In the bathroom, water - a symbol of wealth - is in abundance. Beware of leaks: they could symbolise your cash flow.

6 - Feng shui bathroom lighting should be soft and harmonious to create a calming ambience, but you should make sure you have more direct light around the mirror so you can see yourself clearly, as we mentioned before.

Feng Shui colours: Colour miscellany with shower heads with chromotherapy

If there is something that characterises Feng Shui style, then it is colour. This oriental philosophy avoids cold colours such as white, black, grey or blue, and it banks on vibrant chromatic tonalities and earthy colours.


You should also steer clear of colours that represent the fire element (red and orange) as they work in opposition to the water element, which of course reigns supreme in this space, as we mentioned.

Colour guide for your feng shui bathroom

Yellow: inspires communication and sociability. Combined with white to avoid overloading the space, this is a blend that radiates positive energy.


Green: represents hope, and is linked with relaxation. This is a cooler colour, so it should be combined with warmer tones, through your bathroom furniture for example (wood) or towels and other textiles.


Blue: forget about very strong hues, and go for much softer pastel shades. This is the perfect colour for a feng shui bathroom as it's intrinsically linked to water and purity. As with green, you should introduce warm or earthy versions of this colour.


Purple and lilac: always soft, these are particularly appropriate colours for a feng shui bathroom. Created using a mix of red and blue these colours blend warm and cold tones, meaning they balance the best of both, marrying to perfection with decorative accents in shades of green - plants for example.


White: white comes in so many shades, and ones with ochre pigmentation are perfect for a feng shui bathroom: they have welcoming feel, and are the perfect option if you want to go for a white bathroom but don't want it to feel cold or sterile. Blending it with wood, wicker accessories or plants represents another winning combination.

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Feng Shui decoration: opting for rounded shapes

The furniture, accessories and bathroom equipment with rounded shapes help peace and quiet to flow through the space. That is why the Feng Shui style advocates rounded designs such as those found in the: Arquitect, Lounge, Forma or Tono collection by Fosters and Partners; as well as inspiring sets like the comprehensive design from the Vitae collection. Architectural elements made by Zaha Hadid which denote dynamic and fluid forms inspired by the movement of water. An organic energy dance where the mirror, the basin, the bathtub, the taps, the shower or even the toilets lead the way in creating a unique atmosphere full of exclusivity and wellness.




Safety at every turn

To contribute to the flow of Chi, spaces must make people’s lives easier. Places without obstacles or steps that may endanger their safety. For this, the Project floor-level shower trays are ideal, infinite and comprehensive designs that blend in with the space offering the user a safe and functional shower experience, without unevenness breaking the energy of the space.

Materials: wood and metal

Wood and metal are two main materials in every Feng Shui style atmosphere. Coins are traditionally made from metal and that is why this represents prosperity in Feng Shui. As well as that, wood symbolises growth and life; and it encourages the existence of fire, an element that together with water and the earth, has to be present in all spaces so that there is balance.

Opting for wooden bathroom furniture with sinuous shapes and metal light fixtures is one of the most ideal options for achieving the perfect harmony of the Feng Shui style in the bathroom. Precisely, the bathroom furniture from the Pure Line collection combines natural aged oak wood with a metallic structure.




Light fixtures that radiate energy

Chromotherapy shower heads by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms can be used to create an ambience of pure energy in the bathroom. These pieces are designed to take your shower experience to the next level.

Lounge Wellness shower heads, with their different flow options (rain, column and waterfall) and explosion of colours, will create an atmosphere that radiates comfort and harmony.

Another important aspect of this philosophy is that spaces must be properly illuminated both by day and night with indirect and ambient lighting which create a personal and harmonious climate. For this purpose, LED light fixtures for mirrors are ideal, since they provide the room with the right amount of light to create a calm and subdued atmosphere, as well as enough light to be able carry out the daily care routine.

General guidelines of a philosophy that requires experts to carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of the needs of each space, thus creating a harmonious and experiential atmosphere as only the Feng Shui style can create.