Spacious bathrooms: how to decorate modern bathrooms where space is not an issue

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 08 feb 2017

Just recently we offered you some recommendations on how to have compact bathrooms decorated or small-sized ones, but now, we are dealing with more spacious bathrooms, bigger spaces that become the main attraction inside the home.

In modern bathroom decoration trends, a spacious bathroom becomes the ideal place for relaxation, in other words, that atmosphere to rest in after an exhausting day, which also helps us to switch off. Nevertheless, as with compact bathrooms, it is worth paying attention to some recommendations on how to fit them out, by highlighting specific items and banking on high-levels of warmth, elegance and excellence without over decorating the space too much.

Freestanding bathtubs: it is an experiential item which decoration revolves around

Placing the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom is a clear commitment when setting up a spacious bathroom, being aware that many times, the idea about its installation is put aside because of the lack of space. In this regard, the freestanding bathtubs by Noken turn out to be an excellent choice for this type of bathrooms, since a wall installation is not needed. Additionally, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo offers a wide range of freestanding bathtub models without electronic equipment, and they are capable of satisfying every taste, adapting to all styles and matching with any type of decoration.

On one hand, this type of bathtub is important because of the decorative finishes, and this is the reason why they commonly become a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.  Therefore, opting for an elegant bathtub design will provide the bathroom design with excellence, distinction and uniqueness. On the other hand, they are the key to relaxation, since they are experiential, necessary and extremely beautiful items.

Wall-hung furniture: minimalism also in spacious bathrooms

The installation of wall-hung bathroom furniture provides the room with a feel that is pure and light, since on one hand they work as practical storage for bathroom products, whilst on the other hand, they represent beauty, which is a plus for the bathroom.

Apart from being necessary practical elements for aiding visual clearance and the arrangement of the bathroom, this type of wall-hung furniture reinforces that minimalist beauty which is so popular in design, as it also makes the bathroom maintenance and cleaning easier.

Countertop basins: all-in-one functionality

In addition to the wall-hung bathroom furniture, Noken offers the practicality and functionality of the all-in-one through the countertop basins. We must take into account that a spacious bathroom allows for choosing basins with built-in furniture, which despite taking up more space than common basins, it favours the storage capacity.

NK Concept or Lounge are two ideal collections for combining countertop basins with highly sophisticated bathroom furniture, therefore, achieving great style in contemporary bathrooms.

Exclusivity and uniqueness provide an added bonus to a bathroom where space is not an issue.