Small bathroom designs with shower: create an alcove of wellness

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Date: 17 jul 2020

A small bathroom can also be a peaceful haven if we design a shower experience that is appropriate to our pace of life.

Many of the relaxing bathrooms we are used to seeing boast dimensions that are beyond reach for most homes. But the reality is that we can have a bathroom that is as relaxing, if not more so, if we take advantage of every inch of our space.

In this post we will tell you all you should incorporate into small bathroom designs to transform your bathroom into a space for well-being and make it the best little corner in the world.


Small bathroom designs with shower

With the space we have in many homes, it is not always possible to incorporate a bathtub. Luckily, a shower in a small bathroom can be just as relaxing, or more so, if we incorporate the right technology. Because well-being is not always a question of space.

We democratise Wellness with the technology we propose: customised products with multiple functions. The perfect home spa.



What elements should the shower have in a small bathroom?

1. Include solutions that allow you to have various water outputs simultaneously.

Touch&Feel provides customisable shower configurations to suit every user. It allows various wellness functions to be activated at the same time, including rain, waterfall, jets, mist or hand shower, with no reduction in pressure. 

The system is very intuitive, as all functions are operated by buttons, each with a small engraved design. A gentle touch changes the shower functions and allows you to submerge yourself in the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Easy to install and maintain with its body built into the wall. The Smart Box version is pre-set for different functions, and is easily accessible for maintenance: you will never need to open up a wall. Suitable for any project as it is supplied with an internal Project Line body.

A customisable shower in terms of:

  • Functions: it allows multiple combinations for the simultaneous use of rain, waterfall, mist, jets, hand shower and bathtub.
  • Models and finishes: you can personalise the trims, and you can choose between chrome and black matte for some models.
  • Mixer or thermostatic option: choose the thermostat model for greater safety and constant water temperature.
  • A choice of shower heads is available.




2. It incorporates a chromotherapy showerhead

There is a whole universe around water and its benefits, with therapies that enhance the senses, such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy. Whether built-in or external, the Wellness showerheads with chromotherapy bathe you in colour and stimulate the senses to reset the imbalances generated by the stress of the day to day and/or to promote the most positive moods. Emotional technology.

The soft, indirect lighting contributes to your well-being in the shower, creating an elegant, minimalist atmosphere.



Lounge showerhead with chromotherapy. With various water outlets: rain and waterfall; and a flow limiter


3. Small bathrooms with a soft-touch shower tray

The shower tray is an element that contributes to the feeling of well-being. Compared with traditional, colder and more slippery ceramic shower trays, incorporating a soft-touch shower tray, such as those from the Light Stone and Mineral Stone series, provides a guarantee of safety. The shower trays in these series -Zen and Slate- have a soft surface that creates a pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the skin. Positive sensations in the shower.

And these are environmentally-friendly products. ECO Stone uses recycled materials, allowing us to reduce the tonnes of waste that end up in the oceans and seas. ECO Light has a partly-recycled compact flax fibre core that replaces wood.





Small Bathroom with Shower Ideas