How to revamp your bathroom without a major renovation

Category: Remodeling
Date: 15 mar 2021

As time goes by, we often feel the need to give our bathroom a makeover; either because it looks dated or because it no longer meets our needs. If you want to update your bathroom - without the stress of a major overhaul - there are a number of ways you can give it a new look without embarking on any major works.

Our needs evolve, as do our home’s. Maybe your bathroom looks dated, and you want to improve its functionality, adapt it to your new needs, and update the aesthetics to bring it more in line with your lifestyle. Making this room more attractive will add value to your home, as well as making it feel like a nicer space for you.

And contrary to what you might think, you don’t always need to carry out major works to give your bathroom a more modern feel.

What changes can you make?


When you update your bathroom without a major renovation you have slightly fewer options in terms of the things you can replace. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make substantial changes – you can give your bathroom a full makeover without drowning in rubble.

Updating it this way means you need to keep all the drainage and waste in place, and not alter the layout of the plumbed elements. You should also leave the flooring and wall tiles in place.

But even so, there are a lot of changes you can make to give your bathroom a completely new look.

  • Replace your sanitary equipment and taps.
  • Improve lighting, replacing it for more efficient and better planned lighting.
  • Install new decorative elements to give your bathroom a different look.
  • Install new tiles using solutions that can be applied over the top, without removing the old tiles. This means no rubble.
  • In terms of flooring, you could go for vinyl.

Replace your sanitary equipment without any major works

If you want to replace your toilet, you need to remember that whilst this doesn’t imply any building work, you will also need to replace all your other sanitary items. Fitting a new modern toilet alongside an older bidet or sink won't improve your bathroom aesthetic at all.

There are so many more modern options available today: toilets with the back against the wall, wall-mounted ones, or various colours to choose from. Choosing a more contemporary option will give your bathroom a new look without you having to do any major works, although you need to choose one with the same water inlet and outlet system.

Likewise, if you’ve got a bidet it makes sense to replace it for one in the same style as your toilet.

Updating your sink and bathroom equipment without any works

You can also update your sink and other bathroom fixtures without doing any major building work in your bathroom.

If you have a traditional style pedestal washbasin, one option is to replace it with a more modern wall-mounted or countertop washbasin. Not only will it make your bathroom look more current, you’ll also gain storage space in the bathroom and make the washbasin/vanity space more of a focal point.

It's essential that you pay attention to the taps and choose the right ones for the style you're going for. You could also fit a modern or LED illuminated mirror if you’ve got an electrical point. This will give you a stylish, welcoming look, as well as improved functionality in this important element of the bathroom. 

Updating your bath or shower

Updating your bath or shower is another way you can revamp your bathroom without any major works. And it's also one of the most versatile parts of the bathroom in terms of the range of options available.

Firstly, whether you have just a shower, or a bath too, installing a folding glass screen is a great way to update your bathroom without any major work. This won't just make your bathroom feel larger, it’ll feel cleaner too, as you can get rid of your unhygienic shower curtain.

Another option, which does require a bit of work (albeit minimal) is to change your bath for a shower tray. You can read more about how to change a bathtub for a shower tray in our blog.

If you’ve already got a shower tray, another option is to update it for a more contemporary one. At Noken, as well as various different types of shower trays (acrylic, fibreglass, resin, etc.) you’ll find a lot of attractive and modern options for updating your shower tray such as our new Slate shower trays with new Finish Studio, finishes that can create natural textured finishes on the surface.

As you can see, it is possible to update your bathroom without doing any major works. There are a lot of changes you can make that will give this important room in your home a completely new look.