Precious metal trends: all that glitters is GOLD

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 27 feb 2019
  • Fashion and decor meet one of the trends for 2019: finishes inspired by precious metals.
  • Taps, shower heads and accessories move into metal in order to gain more exclusivity and to have wider aesthetic bathroom options.

Fashion and decor have reached an agreement: 2019 is the year for those finishes inspired by precious metal. We are dealing with a trend which hits the streets from designers such as: Saint Laurent and Celine; reaching interior design through the PORCELANOSA Grupo and its bathroom firm, Noken. 

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms reinvents design and defines new lines and aesthetic shapes with its special finishes for bathroom taps, shower heads and accessories. All metal glitters, which not only have piece exclusivity increased but they also have wider decor possibilities. 

The new design has a name, namely:  gold, copper and titanium.

The GOLD effect: a priceless skin

Gold is historically the most precious metal. In the bathroom, this metal makes design luxury and exclusivity increase, and it also provides a vintage-styled Premium look. Without the need to be flashy or opt for this special finish with little detail, Noken offers bathroom taps in gold, like Lignage. Created by the architect and interior designer, Ramón Esteve, and starting from precise detail, this collection combines gold finishes and its classical-renovated style. The future bathroom which acknowledges the past.


Grifería Lignage acabado oro


For those more classical styles inspired by the Mid-Century Modern, Noken offers the new Lounge bathroom accessories in a gold finish. A set which redefines the design of these pieces intended for functionality, making everyday life in the bathroom more comfortable.  

The COPPER effect: pinkish luxury for distinctive bathrooms

Copper, and its rosé version, have been a trend for several seasons. With the boom of precious metal for interior design, this special finish comes into play in order to give a new touch to bathroom taps, shower heads and accessories. 

The Lounge collection by Noken, designed by Simone Micheli, which focuses on practicality and Italian refinement, includes this finish in its pieces, therefore, it even comes in an integral copper design for the bathroom. Deck mounted single lever basins and taps, shower heads and even copper detail for the furniture, all have this unique metallic effect.

As well as that, Tono, from the Foster+Partners British studio, has both its taps and accessories with the copper ‘mood’, through fine pinkish luxury. 





The TITANIUM effect: aesthetic depth in a metal finish

The metal elegance is done by the titanium Premium finish. A sophisticated greyish tone which is available in gloss and matt, through the brushed titanium version. These innovative aesthetics have been included in the new Lignage taps, which therefore strengthen its retro essence. In a gloss finish, Noken has some series such as: Lounge by Simone Micheli, Tono from Foster+Partners and the new Oxo taps from the Signature Collection; which have been exclusively designed for the company in its Premium series.

The standout special finishes by Noken have been manufactured in PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), and this achieves a longer lasting finish than the others. 





It is not silver, but CHROME

The Silver effect is one of the other trendy finishes in fashion and interior design. This silver beauty can be reproduced with the same chrome finish. Conventionally linked to  tap finishes and bathroom accessories, we are dealing with a timeless finish which is perfect for aesthetic conservatism enthusiasts. 

The Chrome finish by Noken is, in addition, distinctive. Maximum Chrome not only ensures excellent beauty and durability but also resistance in the chrome finish, thanks to the strict controls and the daily supervision in the chroming stage. This gives the perfect nickel and chrome thickness to each piece.