Hotel Félicien, Paris

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 30 jul 2014

The prestigious French fashion designer, Oliver Lapidus, is in charge of the interior design staff for Hotel Félicien, one of the projects which best represents the glamour and elegance which are characteristic of Paris’ 16th arrondissement, where the main embassies are to be found, and which is only a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower.

Recently appointed to his new role as interior designer, Oliver Lapidus has shown his extensive experience in design by transitioning into the original decoration of this Parisian hotel, creating the majority of the elements such as carpets, curtains and numerous items of furniture.

To bring his particular design vision to this project, among other materials and products made by the PORCELANOSA Group’s firms, Lapidus has relied upon Noken bathroom equipment, characterised by its excellent technical benefits and great aesthetic beauty.

Taking care of even the smallest detail to achieve an exclusive result adapted to each room, in the en suite bathrooms, fittings from the Urban collection by Noken have been installed, customised with the logo of Hotel Félicien. In this way, the designer has brought an air of distinction to the atmosphere which is completed by bathrooms from the Arquitect and Urban series, rain effect showerheads by Neptune and radiators by Inox Mini and Contracts, all by Noken.

Haute couture and decoration are brought together in the design of the 32 bedrooms and 2 suites of Hotel Félicien, where each floor has its own theme and colour scheme, which are demonstrated in each corner from the Back Floor to the Sky Floor, via the Flannel Floor, Ruby Floor, Couture Floor and Pear Floor levels in between.

Photos: Serge Ramelli Photography