[GET THE LOOK] Sublime modernity in a retro bathroom

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 15 may 2019
  • Copy the look of this modern functional bathroom which exudes retro style.
  • The layout of this bathroom is divided into two clearly differentiated areas: the basin and bathtub areas, and the shower and toilet space, which enhances user privacy.

Eclecticism has become one of the key principles in modern-day interior design. To talk about modern bathrooms is to make reference to spaces which not only bring the latest in design, technology and finishes together, but they also acknowledge more classical and vintage styles. Following the latest trends in design, this vintage style bathroom banks on spaciousness and minimalism in the bathroom equipment. As well as that, it portrays the retro character in floor and wall tiles alike, namely, small coloured-tiles and marble-inspired ceramic.  

In this bathroom, the layout is also distinguishing, since it has been divided into two clearly differentiated areas: the basin and bathtub area; and the shower and toilet space. It is in the latter where greater user intimacy is achieved, however, it is the bathtub space which takes on the leading role, since it works as the sculptural piece.  


La bañera Tono es protagonista en este baño retro moderno.


The Jewel Wood look: turn this retro bathroom into your very own

How to decorate a modern bathroom depends on many variables, such as: the style and the space available; whether to bank on minimalism and sobriety regarding the elements or even the introduction of colour, which is a trend in spring decor. It is also necessary to choose practical pieces which make people’s daily lives better, as well as deciding on whether any other element will be included as the core design. This retro bathroom meets the following demands, namely: signature design, minimalism with small colour nuances and, a functional and practical spirit. Make its look your very own.  


Descubre los elementos de este baño vintage.


The elements:

  1. Tono bathtub by Foster+Partners. Freestanding bathtubs, one of the most exclusive pieces from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. The same as in every collection designed by Norman Foster, this bathtub meets the demands of functionality, which is so sought after, thanks to its format and the wide supporting surface. It has been manufactured with Noken Acrylic, in other words, a high-range acrylic which requires low maintenance.
  2. Round taps. Bathroom taps which are highly functional in the trendiest finish, in other words, the black matt finish for bathrooms. It can be found in basin and bathtub taps, in the floor mounted version and in the bidet, for an all black design. We are dealing with a WaterForest design, thanks to its cold-opening system, which allows water and energy to be saved. A brilliant idea for enhancing the retro beauty of this bathroom.
  3. Square structure and basins. A real luxury for houses and hotel bathrooms. This bathroom furniture with an industrial character focuses its attention on the basin space. With an oakwood shelf to place things on. The Square basin with a 120cm width, is suitable for two people thanks to its spacious bowl.
  4. Acro Compact sanitaryware: the toilet and the bidet in a compact format. With the Rimless Nk Clean system, which provides a more effective hygiene in the toilet.
  5. BLACK showers: the Round shower taps, the Neptune Slim Square shower head and the Rondo arm. The shower is also in black.
  6. Mineral Stone Slate shower trays: one of the latest designs by Noken. It stands out because of its slate-effect design and the various features, such as the anti-slip surface, the hardness, the durability and the easy maintenance.
  7. Smart Line mirrors. Elegant designs with polished edges.
  8. Lounge bathroom accessories. In a titanium finish and white combination which enhances the colour combo.


Wall tiles: Malaga Green by Porcelanosa, highly suitable for vintage retro bathrooms, and the Authentic 1L Bronze by L’Antic Colonial in wood.  

Floor tiles: Tabla Heritage Port Monaco by L’Antic Colonial inspired by marble.