How to get the pink bathroom look right: get inspired by these top ideas

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 16 may 2023

Pink bathrooms are synonymous with romance and luminosity. They breathe that optimistic, vibrant sensation that makes us feel so good. La vie - and bathroom - en rose. 

The latest trends don't always fit our individual style. If you want to break from the norm, but still stay on-trend, you need to find new ways of creating the perfect ambience in a room as key to the home as your bathroom. Put thought into your colour scheme. It's far from trivial, and the colour you choose dictates the feelings you'll evoke.

Pink is an emotional colour, exuding optimism at the same time as tranquillity. Make your space feel wonderfully harmonious with pastel hues like flamingo pink from Finish Studio.

Pink bathroom: How to combine it with other colours and materials

Romantic, bright and welcoming: flamingo pink bathrooms give you unbridled potential. And the colour goes incredibly well with neutrals such as white or other light hues like beige.

Another winning look is to combine a pink toilet, washbasin, bath or storage solution with natural materials such as stone and wood.

decorar-bano-rosaFlamingo Pink Essence-C bathroom

These natural-look materials offer the perfect counterbalance to the warmth and freshness you get from a pink bathroom. A vintage look that takes you right back to seventies style.

Another interior décor trend that fits perfectly with a pink bathroom is the curved aesthetic. The delicate, soft and elegant style - whether on your walls, furnishings or any other element - will give you a unique result when combined with our winning pastel colour.

 decorar-bano-rosaFlamingo Pink Bathroom

The all-over design proposal is complemented by refined Tono taps in copper and the mirror accent light, lending a sense of comfort and removing any shadowy effects.

Urban taps in white make another ideal choice for your pink bathroom.

La vie en rose: A world of sensations in the bathroom

Bathrooms are our personal haven. They're where we can enjoy an indulgent spa shower and take care of our daily care rituals. And when you harness the power of pink, you can take wellness to the next level.

It's a colour that inspires comfort and warmth, as well as positivity and tenderness. And these are precisely the sensations that release serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone.

Just picture yourself in this scrumptious bath, in a harmonious, relaxing setting: you'll be whisked away to a luxurious haven.

decorar-bano-rosaFlamingo Pink Essence-C bathroom

All in pink: Go for key pieces in the bathroom

The colour gives you endless décor options which suit a huge range of personalities. Passionate and fun? Pink is the answer. 

This flamingo pink piece conveys a feeling that's soft and fresh in equal measure.

decorar-bano-rosaFlamingo Pink Essence-C washbasin

Your toilet also plays a key role in getting your pink bathroom décor right. 


In this show-stopping bathroom, pink flooring and tiled walls are combined with a white washbasin, bath and other elements, perfectly finished off with Lounge taps in copper. An absolutely winning look. An unbeatably bright proposal.

decorar-bano-rosaMálaga Rose mosaic by Porcelanosa

Whether you've always been a fan of the one-colour bathroom look or are simply looking to go with the latest trend, unravelling the potential of pastel colours this spring/summer is a must.