The Nk Concept electronic toilet: intelligent sanitaryware

Category: Products
Date: 20 dic 2017

Innovation, quality and attention to detail are showcased through the designs by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. The careful selection of raw materials and their commitment to the production process make each element a unique and evoked piece that offer an unparalleled bathroom experience. The trend of smart bathrooms transforms the wellness concept in the bathroom, offering a level of wellbeing that goes well beyond the shower.

This is the case with the NK Concept electronic toilet by Noken, a high-tech toilet that uses water to clean deeply, and ensures maximum hygiene and comfort for its users. An increasingly hot trend in the most cutting-edge and innovative bathrooms.

Feel the cleanliness

Water is present in these toilets in order to offer complete and personal hygiene, ensuring total comfort and care. In this way, this responds to a requirement in society that looks for more and more natural and efficient personal care.


The Nk Concept Intelligent Toilet offers the user intimate hygiene for complete washing, as well as customised masculine and feminine cleaning through a cannula (tube) which is then hidden and then later it works as a dryer.

Natural inspiration

One of the greatest virtues of electronic toilets is the freshness and naturalness that they give to the user. Cleanliness is the biggest relaxation opportunity of the day and the NK Concept electronic toilet offers the possibility of feeling that wellness day after day.

This electronic sanitaryware system allows for the regulation of the water temperature and the dryer through three different levels, the cannula oscillates up and down to improve water distribution, and furthermore, it lights up in the dark, thus making its use easier at night.

Taking control

With the NK Concept Intelligent Toilet, you can control all the functions from the remote control or from the seat itself. Thus, in an intuitive way the user can adjust different functions quickly and easily. This intelligent seat opens and closes automatically when it detects the user’s presence, thanks to its presence sensor and, it also allows for different levels of water pressure to be selected, along with the types of massage and the position of the cannula.

NK Concept - Intelligent toilet from Noken Porcelanosa Bathroo