Ecological packaging for a more sustainable world

Category: News
Date: 12 nov 2014

Faithful to our commitment to the preservation of the environment, at Noken we do not just create products from ecological materials, oriented to allowing a more responsible use of energy resources by the end user. We also use the most environmentally friendly production processes every day and use sustainable packaging, thus minimising the environmental impact of every phase of our activity.

The Mood and NK Concept collections of taps and the Smart Box lock-in system for showers now have customised ecological boxes, created following the parameters of Ecodiseño, a concept which also inspired the creation of these Noken products, among others.

With the aim of reducing the consumption of cardboard boxes necessary for the distribution of our taps and bathroom fittings, at Noken we have used an ecological packaging which, in turn, allows us to minimise the fuel consumption necessary for transporting these packages. This is possible thanks to an innovative packaging system; a re-usable cardboard box which reduces production costs and handling time.

The new ecological packaging has an ingenious system of storage flaps which aids packaging, without needing to use an adhesive tape for closing. Furthermore, a strengthened structure has been designed which allows a greater protection of the contents during the transport of our products, so that they arrive at their destination in perfect conditions.

It must be remembered that Noken forms part of the Ecoembes initiative as part of our firm’s commitment to society at an environmental level. This is an organisation which promotes the protection of the environment through recycling and the Ecodiseño of packaging in Spain. It is for this reason that our company participates in prevention plans to reduce the environmental impact of our products’ packaging, passing rigorous audits which guarantee Noken’s evolution in the reduction of paper and cardboard consumption for packaging.