Create a spa in your own bathroom. Wellness experience with the most advanced equipment

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 04 nov 2015

The day-to-day rhythm of daily life makes us regularly seek peace and quiet, and types of relaxation solutions within our own home. Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, seeks to satisfy this need by putting at your disposal its wide range of bathroom products, as well as its high quality and durability, with the objective of creating your own spa in your bathroom. Thanks to its innovative technology and cutting-edge aesthetics, you will be able to design your very own customized space for both relaxing and personal wellbeing, in a bathroom capable of inspiring and awakening your senses.

Whirltub Bathtubs

One of the essential products when setting up your own spa are the whirltub bathtubs from Noken, which has several exclusive series of this product, whether it be floor mounted or wall mounted, all of them stand out because of a profound sophistication and some refinement attributes that will undoubtedly make your bathroom both a unique and relaxing experience.

Wellness Rain Showerheads

The most sumptuous bathroom design combines the latest and technological whirltub bathtubs with the experience that implies the wellness rain showerheads from the Lounge series, also suitable for installing in showers.

Its chromotherapy program selected by remote control provides the perfect match to be combined with a bubble bath. Through a series of colours, or by choosing a particular tone, the wellness rain showerheads from the Lounge collection may suit your personality or mood. Energy, Relax, Balance or Sensation are four colour options, four situations in which you can surround yourself, and relax in as well after a hard day.

Moreover, the Lounge rain showheads also allow for four types of showers: feeling rain, fog, waterfall and laminar jet. Customize your perfect bathroom with the modality that best suits you, offering a multi-sensory experience.

Digital Shower Columns

Besides enjoying a relaxing bath in one of the whirltub bathtubs from Noken , you can also play the leading role in a shower which has a feel of a spa from of our MOOD collection. The series designed by Luis Vidal + Architects includes the technology of its digital thermostatic shower column among its range of taps. In addition to thoroughly monitoring the temperature, you will be able to restrict the flow, with the consequent water saving.