Cottage bathrooms: the new escape to the country

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 19 nov 2020

The current pandemic and the growing need to find quality of life far from urban areas is leading to a growing interest in escaping to the country. Healthier areas, offering peace of mind and good living that have set the trend for cottage bathrooms. Back to the beginning.

The growing interest in living in rural settings is heralding a new era in rustic décor: the country chic style. Rustic bathrooms that connect us with nature in a sophisticated and minimalist way.

A new decorative paradigm of rustic-modern bathrooms for which Noken proposes pieces with character and authenticity.


Country style essentials

Beyond the traditional rustic style, the trend currently taking hold is the country chic style.

This style combines wood and warm colours, as well as colours present in nature, such as earth tones, blues and greens in their different shades, adding that touch of elegance sophistication.

In this modern rustic bathroom style, we find rustic bathroom furniture that matches with light colours. The idea is to create places that invite you to relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.



The 80 cm Liem bathroom unit in earth tones, made from natural American walnut on legs and polished, rounded shapes, alongside XTONE with technical properties that make it highly resistant and easy to maintain


Similarly, the use of a colour palette of blacks or greys combined with classic decoration are elements that work very nicely in the decoration of a rustic chic bathroom.



The Antic freestanding bathtub combined with the Lignage taps, designed by Ramón Esteve


Wooden bathrooms

The use of wood in modern rustic bathrooms is key. The traditional natural material transports us into the natural environment and, with distinguished designs, it renews and modernises spaces.

One way to incorporate this material is through wooden bathroom furniture. Designs such as the Essence C unit use wood alongside the colour black, two elements that combine to give extraordinary sophisticated results.




Decorating tips for rustic bathrooms

When decorating a rustic bathroom, you should be careful not to forget the essentials, as you could miss the fundamental element for any decoration project: balance.

Painting walls brown, laying dark wooden floors and combining just two colours is not the way to achieve a rustic yet modern bathroom. So take note of these tips.

  • Pay attention to colours. Do not limit yourself to white and wood. Experiment with other colours such as green, blue, or bolder colours such as black or grey. Always in a balanced way.
  • A well-chosen bathtub can lend a vintage touch.
  • Choose good taps that add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.

Install timeless pieces. In the case of the toilet and the other bathroom pieces, aim for timeless designs. This way, they will not stand out excessively and you can focus attention on other elements such as the bathtub, taps or furniture. 



Lignage is a timeless series that draws on the industrial aesthetic of the nineteenth century. Designed by Ramón Esteve

Whether this decoration project is for a private home or a rural hotel, rustic chic bathrooms are perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere.