How to choose a compact toilet

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 08 may 2020

In small bathrooms, space is not always a limitation when it comes to achieving your desired look while also fulfilling functional requirements. We'll show you how to choose a compact toilet.

Space is just one more requirement when planning a bathroom. In the case of a small bathroom, it is crucial to choose compact fixtures to suit the dimensions of the room.


Compact toilet measurements

The measurements of a standard toilet with a cistern are usually 60-70 cm deep and 40-50 cm wide. However, there are many models of toilet with compact dimensions that can be installed easily in spaces where every centimetre counts.

To save as much space as possible, the best options are to use solutions like built-in cisterns and choose compact toilets models with less depth that protrude around 50 cm from the wall.

In this article, we will explain the recommended measurements for planning your bathroom and how much space to leave between the fixtures. For toilets, it is recommended to leave a free space 70 cm wide and 120 cm long. Do not place toilets right up against the wall but leave a gap of at least 20 cm. There should be at least 15 cm of space between other fixtures and fittings. The height of the toilet should be 45 cm.


Types of compact toilet

There are several compact toilets to choose from. 

  • You can opt for toilets with wall-concealed cisterns to optimise the space, as the mechanisms are housed behind the flush button, within the partition. Wall-concealed cisterns are an independent fixture that are used for wall-hung toilets, but this system can also be used for floor-mounted toilets that do not have a ceramic cistern.
  • The best solution is wall-hung toilets, fixtures that, as well as visually lightening the space, also have built-in cisterns, meaning they can save a significant amount of space.


Toilets less than 50 cm deep

We consider toilets that protrude less than 52 cm from the wall to be compact toilets. Among the models we offer at Noken, we highlight the Acro Compact and Essence C Compact as the most compact toilets in our catalogue.

Acro Compact is a wall-hung model with a built-in cistern, measuring 49.5 cm deep and 36 cm wide.



Acro Compact reduced depth toilet


The Essence C Compact is available both in wall-hung and floor-mounted models, with a depth of 51 cm and a width of 34 cm. It is installed with built-in cistern and includes the Nk-Clean Rimless system and a soft-close seat.



Essence C Compact toilet


Other models with smaller dimensions than the standard include wall-hung toilets like the Tono, which is 51.5 cm deep and 38 cm wide, or the Urban C, which is 51 cm deep and 35 cm wide.



Tono compact toilet



Urban C wall-hung toilet