Bathtub, shower tray…or both? Just opt for the rhythm that best suits your bathroom

Category: Remodeling
Date: 14 jun 2019

Choosing either a bathtub or a shower tray is one of the most important decisions we can make when it comes to a refurbishment.

Choose the ideal equipment by focusing on comfort and safety; customising moments and needs.

Opting for either a shower or a bathtub in the bathroom involves two very different ways of seeing life, along with our everyday personal care. Two ways of enjoying comforting moments in our everyday lives in which water and the connection with the body play the leading role. Perhaps people have enough time to have a relaxing bath, or maybe they are more practical and may opt for the dynamism and practicality of a shower. Whatever the choice, when it comes to a refurbishment, bathtub or shower tray, one thing must be clear: the best bathroom equipment is not the most innovative or technological, but that which best meets the needs of people’s lifestyles and all things related.

The functionality, the available space and people’s needs are three key principles when it comes to opting for a bathroom with either a shower or a bathtub. We must be aware that it is not the same to have a big bathroom fitted out like a smaller one. As well as that, it is also very important to know if the bathroom is a space for one person or a family.


Shower or bathtub? Or both? Opt for the rhythm that best suits your bathroom.


Bathrooms with a shower: hygiene and comfort with a modern rhythm

Benefits of the shower tray

Get yourself going. Feel relaxed and revitalised every night, thanks to cutting-edge technology. There are a lot of benefits which have pointed many users in the direction of opting for a shower in their bathroom, in other words: dynamism in hygiene, complete freedom of movement and a small-sized bathroom. Showers provides free use of the space, which is freed up, along with a lower water use. The important thing here is to take into account the width of the shower, whenever possible; and the easy maintenance and safety in order to avoid unnecessary slips or falls.


Have a shower instead of having a bath. The average water use in the bathroom is 250 litres. A 5 minute shower can be reduced to 30 litres (-88%).

Get more advice about how to save more water and energy in the bathroom, HERE.


The Project shower tray from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is highly suitable for a contemporary shower thanks to features such as: anti-slip, anti-scratching and anti-bacterial. It has been manufactured with Noken Ceramic, which ensures the benefits of high-range ceramic, and it is available from 90cm × 90cm to 140cm × 90cm. As well as that, it has a minimum thickness, so it matches with the most minimalist bathrooms.

It is also worth highlighting other shower trays from Noken, namely: Zen and Slate. Firstly, the former belongs to the Light Stones Series, and it has all the technical characteristics for maximum safety and hygiene. Its design is minimalist, consisting of a hidden grill and greater lightness. Because of its lightness, the Zen shower tray can be transported and installed easily. Secondly, the Slate model belongs to the Mineral Stone Series and it has an elegant slate effect finish, which comes with the cut-to-size option.



Zen Shower Tray by Noken


Bathrooms with a bathtub: the pleasure of connecting with yourself

Benefits of the bathtub

The modernity of a shower goes hand in hand with those ways and habits of yesteryear, thanks to bathtubs. Sculptural pieces which not only encourage the slowing down of time, and relaxation, but also for people to connect with themselves. There are some people who cannot live without them because of the comfort they provide, as well as it adaptation use for all the family, mainly for the children. However, a bathtub requires a bigger space, above all, in freestanding bathtubs. If the space is not a problem, counting on maximum design elements, such as the Pure Line freestanding bathtub would be ideal, which is also available in white matt; or the Tono bathtub from Foster+Partners.

If the perfect experience is sought after, counting on custom-made equipment for whirlpool bathtubs is possible, including body, mind and soul therapies: hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and even music therapy.


Arquitect Bathtub by Noken


Bathrooms with a bathtub and a shower tray: the bathroom for today and tomorrow

Opting for a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower is the right option, not only for indecisive people but also for those who do not have to worry about the space in their bathroom. Although it is usual to choose either a shower or a bathtub, both options can be complementary, since each of them adapt to every moment and need. Both of them, without a doubt, are the perfect option for any mood. The bathroom for today and for tomorrow as well.

Regardless of the choice, ideally, if you have the necessary space, you ought to opt for the installation of at least a shower and a bathtub at home. In this way, you get to enjoy both every day.