Bathtub, shower tray…or both? Choose the rhythm your bathroom requires

Category: Remodeling
Date: 19 jul 2018
  • The bathtub or the shower tray is one of the most important decisions when undertaking a refurbishment.
  • Choose the ideal equipment and ensure that wellness and safety prevail; making custom-made moments and needs.

Stop time without stopping oneself. Opting for either a shower or a bathtub for the bathroom is seeing life in two very different ways, as well as understanding daily hygiene. Two ways of enjoying wellness moments during the day in which water and its connection with the body are the centre of everything. Perhaps there is available time for a relaxing daily bath, or perhaps it must be more practical, and the dynamism and practicality of a shower is preferred. Whatever the choice at the time of undertaking a refurbishment, what should be clear is that the best bathroom equipment is not the most innovative or technological one, but the one that best adapts to one’s lifestyle and needs. Shower or bathtub? Or both? Choose the rhythm you want for your bathroom. 




Shower tray: contemporary rhythm hygiene and wellness

Activate yourself each morning. Feel relaxed and revitalised every night through cutting-edge technology. There are many advantages that lead many users to opt for a shower for their bathroom: dynamism in hygiene, total freedom of movement, or a small bathroom or small size. The shower allows for a free and much more optimal use of space, as well as less water in general. The important thing is to keep the shower space in mind, whenever possible; and its easy maintenance and safety, thus avoiding unpredictable slips. The Project shower tray by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is ideal for contemporary showers thanks to its non-slip, anti-scratch and antibacterial properties. It is manufactured in Noken Ceramic, which more than guarantees the advantages of high-end ceramics, and it is available from 90cm×90cm to 140cm×90cm. It also has a thin thickness, which meets the needs of the most minimalist bathrooms.


Project shower tray


Bathtubs: the pleasure of connecting with oneself

The modernity of a shower coexists today with yesteryear’s customs, thanks to bathtubs. Sculptural pieces which suggest stopping time, relaxing and connecting with oneself. There are those who refuse to renounce them, because of the wellness they provide, as well as for their adaptation of use to all members of the family, mainly children. A bathtub, however, requires more space, especially in the case of free-standing bathtubs. If space is not a problem, it would be ideal to have elements of maximum design such as the Pure Line free-standing bathtub, also available in matt white; or the Tone bathtub, designed by Foster + Partners.

If, in addition, one wants to set up the perfect experience, it is possible to have custom-made equipment for whirlpool baths, including therapies for mind, body and soul such as: hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and even music therapy.


Vitae bathtub


Bathtubs and shower trays: the bathroom of today and tomorrow

An alternative which is so suitable for those who are undecided and for those who have no problems with space in the bathroom. Although it is usually necessary to opt between a shower or a bathtub, both can be complementary options, each of them adapted to every moment and need. Without a doubt, they are the perfect alternative for satisfying every mood, for the bathroom of today and also of tomorrow.