Bathrooms with views. When the exterior landscape integrates into the design

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 18 may 2016

Maybe your home has privileged sea or mountain views or even a view of a meadow with lush vegetation. If so, maybe at some point you have considered opening your bathroom to the outdoors in order to integrate the so idyllic landscape into the design.

The latest trends in architecture and interior design bank on the configuration of the most spectacular bathrooms with views of the outdoors, and they do it through the replacement of the rear facade wall, or a part of it, by means of a watertight glazing. The next step is to place the shower or bathtub next to it, so one can take a relaxing bath whilst looking at the sunset and even reveling in the starlight.

Infinite relaxing bathrooms

For many, one of the biggest objectives today regarding bathroom design is turning the bathroom space into a temple of absolute relaxation. Thus, the atmospheres are simplified, even near to extreme minimalism, and the bathroom equipment becomes more practical and functional. Technology also integrates seamlessly into the bathroom, so much so that the shower or bathtub experience is even more multi-sensory and therapeutic.

Meanwhile, the bathrooms with views represent another advantage with regard to boosting both peace and quiet, and rest. Thus, combining the excellent location with the most advanced technology from Noken represents the perfect choice for any contemporary bathroom.

Integrating a freestanding bathtub into a practical atmosphere with a large window is a stunning alternative to living a unique experience, as well as merging a whirltub with chromotherapy shower heads, creating your own spa atmosphere, capable of enlivening your senses.

It is advisable, though, if you have space in your bathroom, to isolate the shower and bathtub space from the rest of the bathroom, so you can enjoy some privacy and intimacy.

All space and light bathrooms

Another advantage offered by integrating a window in the bathroom with outdoor views is its great capacity to get the light coming in. Thus, the bathroom space becomes an atmosphere of both clarity and serenity, which favours positivity, together with the enhancing of one’s mood.

Meanwhile, removing visual barriers in the room benefits the spaciousness of the room, so that a small or compact bathroom looks much wider than it really is.

Collections from Noken such as FormaEssence-CLoungeHotels or NK Concept are ideal for setting up an elegant and contemporary bathroom with views. The quality and functionality from PORCELANOSA Grupo join together the most innovative design that recreates the bathroom of your dreams.