The Noken catalogue in Bc3 format, is now available in the ACAE database

Professionals now have access to the Noken product catalogue in BC3 format for the PRESTO and Archimedes programs through the ACAE data base, a system which makes the Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms material selection easier for professionals.

With the aim of making the material selection easier, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms makes its extensive product catalogue in BC3 and FieBdc formats for PRESTO and Archimedes available for professionals in the architecture, engineering, interior design and construction sectors through the ACAE multi-producer supplier database.

Download links: 

The Noken catalogue in full version can be found in the following link

You can see the catalogue through the following link.

Open the PrestoObra format, here

Download in PrestoObra format, here

Download in FieBdc or Bc3 formats, here