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Shower heads

Enhancing wellness and relaxation is one of our main commitments when designing the most innovative bathroom parts, which can provide the same sensations as a spa. 

The goal of shower heads is to create a veritable temple of relaxation with cutting-edge designs inspired by the movement and continuous flow and transformation of water.

Setting up a wellness shower in the home is easier and more customisable thanks to the choice of shower head, an essential element to ensure maximum comfort in the bathroom, turning this routine yet intimate moment into an experience that conveys unique sensations. It's all thanks to the power of hydrotherapy from the different shower head solutions, which offer moments of well-being and calm through chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Different shower heads for different wellness solutions

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest personal care disciplines, one that uses water as an element to provide wellness in multiple ways. In fact, it offers a wealth of benefits, such as the ability to relieve ailments, revitalise, balance blood pressure and body temperature. 

But it also has properties that benefit not only the body, but the mind, helping to restore the flow of energy, improve mood and relieve the symptoms of stress and/or anxiety.

Based on the various forms of water in nature, the Noken wellness shower heads let you choose between several water sprays, with the option of selecting effects and sensations that simulate rain, mist, overhead jet, laminar jet or cascade.

Beyond selecting a specific effect, the shower experience can offer much more. Treatments such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy help to restore harmony and balance the body and mind, directly influencing daily wellness.

In Noken yoi will find different options such as rain shower heads, waterfall shower heads, ceiling shower heads and much more.

Ceiling shower head or wall shower heads tailored to the shower design

As for the design of the heads, they are adapted to each shower, as well as to the available space. You can choose between round and square heads recessed in the ceiling, and heads mounted on the wall.

Shower heads with unique finishes to add personality to the bathroom

Innovation and customisation in shower heads is made unique thanks to the different Finish Studio finishes, which provide the bathroom with an unrivalled aesthetic in a variety of finishes: copper, polished or brushed gold, titanium and matt black.

Our Seasons shower is the greatest expression of both wellness (benefits such as rain, cascade, jets and mist) and Finish Studio, since it is now available in all possible finishes to suit any bathroom.

Frequently asked questions about shower heads

What are the best shower heads?

The best shower head can be different depending on the person or project. One thing that is essential when selecting a good unit is that in addition to design, it can offer experiences that go beyond personal care and hygiene.

What are the benefits of shower heads?

Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy use water in any form, state or temperature to promote wellness. Their benefits range from the way they can revive our energy levels and restore the flow of energy. They are also said to have purifying properties, as well as the capacity to balance blood pressure, revitalise, relieve pain, balance body temperature and provide relaxation to soothe symptoms of stress.

What are the differences between ceiling and wall-mounted shower heads?

There is really no difference in terms of the wellness benefits they provide. The difference lies in their design and how they adapt to each bathroom, where, depending on the space available and the aesthetic, one solution may offer a better result than the other.

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