Shower packs

The shower sets we offer simplify configuration and make shower design a faster and more efficient process. Furthermore, the choice of a shower set can cut costs and avoid possible errors in the selection of individual items, which must be complementary and compatible.

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HOTELS SHOWER PACK. Includes wall bracket, 1 function handshower 100113767 and flexi hose 100137893 

pure line


PURE LINE SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 100180988 PURE LINE handshower and 100137848...

round inox


ROUND INOX SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 100281172 handshower and 100281171 flexible...



OVAL SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 3-function 100305810 OVAL handshower and flexi shower hose...



SQUARE SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 3-function 100299627 T&F SQUARE handshower and flexi...



ROUND SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 5-function 100272333 handshower and flexi shower hose PVC...



RONDO SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 1-function ROUND handshower 100067714 and flexible...

complementos nk


NK SHOWER PACK. Includes handshower bar with bracket, 1-function COTA handshower 100038634 and flexible...

Noken's shower sets are suitable for different types of project and aesthetic style, and include the most popular products. From mixer taps to thermostatic showers, including built-in elements, black matte showers or the possibility of installing sprinklers on one or two different water outlets - rain or rain and cascade -, oval, round or square, and chrome or black matte finishes. With a 5-year guarantee for greater comfort and security.

Shower set with a mixer tap or thermostatic tap

Our shower sets are available with two types of tap. First there is the traditional mixer tap that regulates flow and temperature with a single lever. The second option is the thermostatic tap, which provides greater comfort, as it has two controls, one for flow and the other for temperature. It ensures that the desired temperature is reached quickly and remains constant, even if there are changes in pressure.

What kind of shower head should you choose for your shower kit?

In addition to choosing the most suitable type of tap for your bathroom, another key decision is the shower head. Noken's shower kits include different types of shower head in terms of shape, size, finish and function, making them highly adaptable to the user's tastes.

Shower sets are available with several water outlets in one, such as rain or rain and waterfall, to give a greater sensation of well-being. With the rain option, water falls like raindrops in a relaxing and delicate way, while the waterfall option has a more stimulating effect.

Trends in showers: black matte shower kits

Each bathroom has a style and, beyond the functionality of the pieces chosen, we cannot forget appearance. Shower sets also respond to new trends, such as the increasing use of built-in showers and special finishes.

One of these trends is the use of black matte in the bathroom. In order to meet this growing demand, our range includes kits in this totally black finish.

Built-in shower with SmartBox

Noken shower packs include options for built-in taps using the SmartBox Slim system: a minimalist solution for bathroom taps that hides the system in the wall. These built-in units not only offer clean lines but also make better use of space. The running water makes less noise thanks to the silencers in the water inlets. With Smartbox, the tap fitting system is insulated inside a box.

Smartbox is easy to install, flexible and highly rated by professionals. Installation time is considerably reduced and it adapts to all types of walls.