The bathroom tap installation is essential for the sound running of the water sources, which turn out to be of far greater importance for daily family personal care. Furthermore, each item of the aforementioned installation is irreplaceable, and this is the reason why we cannot leave the special items for bathroom taps aside in the bathroom design.

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Aromatherapy kit. It includes keyboard and the flowers, energy, and relax aroma packs. Protection IPX4. Voltage 220...



Shower rail with bracket, outlet elbow and Touch&feel button to open/close the water supply. The flow rate at 3 bar...

Handles, hoses, inserts and showers sets, which most of the time are insufficiently highlighted, must be taken into account when it comes to opting for our bathroom equipment. These special items for bathroom taps help to get the use experience of this space more comfortable and sustainable as well, a point that is of some considerable importance for Noken.

In this way, Noken also takes care of the special items for bathroom taps so that they perfectly meet the aesthetic of the whole taps, ranging from vintage to modern and contemporary style, which happen to be the latest trends in bathroom decor. The decor rhythm has to lead the way in the bathroom design by bringing each of the pieces making up the room together, including the special items for bathroom taps, which must be in excellent harmony with the rest of the taps.