FORMA - Urinal with rear water supply and side attachment with fixing kit. Includes 100041265 siphon. Can be...



Concealed siphon with horizontal outlet for urinal
Concealed flush valve 1/2" for urinals. Flush 1,15 L.

acro compact


ACRO COMPACT - Urinal with rear water supply with diffuser valve with integrated IR system (power supply by AC-DC...

Urinals are a type of toilet designed for users who are standing. Generally made of sanitary ceramics, the most common installation is a wall-mounted model.

Its advantages include saving space, especially if we have compact design models, and it helps save water, as flushing requires fewer litres of water than a traditional toilet.

It is, therefore, a very common solution for male toilets in public spaces, such as shopping centres, restaurants and schools. Another of the strengths of the wall-mounted urinal is easier maintenance and cleaning, as there are no obstacles on the floor to prevent proper cleaning, which is fundamental in spaces with a high number of users.

Because it saves space, is quick and convenient to use and reduces water consumption, the urinal is a widely-adopted solution for spaces with large numbers of users. Although men’s toilets are the traditional home of the urinal, it is also beginning to find a niche in residential projects seeking to add a vintage touch to their décor.

What do I need to know to choose a urinal?

The design of the urinal will be fundamental to creating a bathroom where all the elements work together, but it is also very important to take certain technical details into account to ensure that we choose the right product.

For example, you will need a urinal with water entering at the top or a version with water entering at the back, depending on the position of the water inlet.

If water is to enter at the top, Noken would provide a solution with an external time-delayed flush valve. While, if water enters at the back, there are more options for flushing.

In our catalogue we offer flush valves which the user has to press or mechanisms with an IR sensor, which flush automatically when the user moves away. This system is the most hygienic, since it avoids direct contact when flushing while ensuring that the urinal is cleaned every time it is used. A wide range of sensors is available, including battery operated mechanisms, others that are directly connected to the power supply, and even models that combine flushing with a power supply with a back-up battery in case of a power failure.

All the flush systems mentioned above are for installation on a solid wall. If you want to install a urinal on a thin wall, we recommend using our Smart Line frame, which includes an IR sensor flush system.


Noken also offers additional structural elements such as separators to give greater privacy in the use of urinals in public spaces.