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Installation systems

When we start planning the design of our bathroom, we usually put ahead aesthetics and design based on the space that we have, the style we like the most and the needs of our home. However, we tend to forget that the decisive aspect that makes it possible to find the perfect bathroom is the installation systems. In the case of toilets, the sanitary installation systems from Noken, the PORCELANOSA Grupo bathroom equipment firm, are specially designed to adapt to any environment, going unnoticed and remaining hidden, but is the key of bathroom excellence.

The production of the sanitary installation systems is carefully elaborated so that, without being seen, they have a special prominence, since what is evident before our eyes may seem more important, but without an exhaustive work of manufacturing the necessary elements of the installation, any design task would be underestimated due to an inadequate final result.

For this reason, at Noken we also pay special attention to the design of our installation systems to offer the highest performance in terms of functionality, they meet the highest aesthetic demands.

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