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Bathtubs are the queens of bathroom fixtures and currently more on trend than ever. Coming in different shapes and designs, modern bathtubs can be considered "the star" of this room, the true protagonists in more contemporary and minimalist styles, at the same time adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity.

Modern bathtubs for relaxation

Whatever style you choose, modern freestanding bathtubs evoke tranquillity and relaxation, creating a feeling of comfort in the bathroom. However, when choosing the ideal piece, you need to bear in mind not only the design, but also the quality and resistance of the materials to ensure the maximum durability of the bathroom fixtures, while also making maintenance tasks easier.

Our wide range of designer bathtubs adapt to the available space and the personality of every customer, all with a single purpose: improving quality of life and enhancing comfort, turning the room into a truly delightful retreat for self-care.

Hydrotherapy in our wellness equipment

To satisfy the need for peace and relaxation in bathrooms in hotels and homes alike, most of our modern bathtubs are fitted with Wellness Sensations equipment, which allow you to set up hydrotherapy programs that can be combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy

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Modern bathtub models

In our catalogues you'll find all kinds of options, including:

Freestanding baths

Freestanding bathtubs are sculptural pieces. They represent the revolution in bathtubs, making it possible to move this element to any corner of the bathroom or suite.

Visually, they have the power to stand out in the space thanks to their refined design, capable of creating unique minimalist ambiences. 

Outdoor bathtubs

We revolutionise wellness spaces by taking our modern bathtubs outside, so you can enjoy truly relaxing moments under the sky.

Our Outside collection of outdoor bathtubs includes the Soleil Round and Soleil Square models.

Built-in bathtubs

This type of bathtub is ideal for any kind of bathroom, even extra small ones, since it can be placed in a corner to make the most of every centimetre. 

If you opt for this kind of bathtub and you have limited space, you will need to pay special attention to the optimal bathroom layout to ensure it fits.

Classic bathtubs with a new look

One of the current trends in bathroom interior design is the combination of classic-style pieces with other avant-garde elements, seeking to create a vintage atmosphere as dynamic as it is unique. In fact, modern bathtubs and the classic-style tubs that are currently so trendy are not mutually exclusive. 

These modern classic bathtubs are sophisticated and capable of creating a refined setting that conveys the nostalgic beauty of the past to contemporary bathrooms.

The bathtubs in the Antic collection will delight lovers of the more classic styles: with sumptuous oval forms, they evoke moments of comfort and relaxation full of romance. This range is made of cast iron with white enamelled interior, which combines perfectly with the colours for its exterior: white, black, navy blue and burgundy. Thanks to its careful design and clawfoot legs available in white, chrome and gold, it is a true work of art. 

Design in modern bathtubs

For those looking for a more minimalist but equally personal option with its own character, the Tono, Pure Line, Arquitect, Koan, Lounge and Liem collections are ideal. They all feature round shapes that make them unique pieces. 

Our freestanding bathtubs can also incorporate the special Finish Studio finish, by means of which we apply any colour from the RAL colour chart on the external skirt in a handcrafted production process. The interior is left white, and we can customise it with metallic accessories that marry perfectly with the finishes of the taps and accessories.

What modern bathtub to buy 

If you ask yourself what modern bathtub to buy, the answer depends. It depends on your needs, your tastes and your preferences. It is important to choose the ideal piece according to your style, but also in terms of functionality.

Among the wide variety of Noken modern bathtubs, you are sure to find the one that is right for you and your bathroom.

We adapt to the requirements of the layout of the space itself, as well as to the demands of each customer.

Where to buy modern bathtubs

If you opt for our brand's modern bathtubs, you can use our Noken store locator to find the nearest store to you.


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