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Wall hung basins

Wall hung basins are an ideal solution for small bathrooms, but the size of the space is not always the main reason for installing a wall hung basin. Their ability to improve the usability of the space, offer a visual crispness and make cleaning easier by leaving the floor clear are some other advantages we can enjoy when we choose this type of installation. The basins are installed directly onto the wall, without touching the floor or a countertop, and they are combined with embellished siphons.

Wall hung basins are also a common alternative in hotel or restaurant projects that do not require a counter for storage and where a refined aesthetic is sought. 

Wall hung basins measurements and formats 

Every project has different needs and adaptability is crucial for optimal space planning. Noken offers many options in terms of measurements and formats, from compact basins measuring 32cm to double wall hung basins measuring 140cm, as well as angular options for corner installations. But versatility is intrinsic to the wall hung basins, which can be installed at the desired height and adapted to the user.

As well as being versatile, these basins are functional, with series like Essence C, a collection of wall hung basins also available in multiple formats with various options like centre-set bowl, left offset bowl and right offset bowl, with space to place items. They offer added value compared to other wall hung basins, as we can add bathroom accessories such as a soap dish or cup holder without the need for installation. 

Combine wall hung basins with auxiliary drawers or shelves

If the bathroom design requires a visual streamlining of the space, but we also need storage space, we have options, including combining the wall hung basin with a floor-standing unit or auxiliary wall hung elements like cabinets. The Nature collection offers this type of combination, with the Arquitect wall hung basin. 

A functional and aesthetic option is to combine the wall hung basin with shelves underneath or to the side, or drawers.

The use of highly resistant materials will be crucial for the maintaining and keeping the fittings clean. Wall hung basins are made with Noken Ceramic, a premium ultra-compact ceramic, fired at 1250º to guarantee extra strength. The careful selection of raw materials, the NK Protect chemical formula and the enamelling process used in its manufacture produce a highly durable, hypoallergenic material that is resistant to scratching and thermal shock. 

In terms of furniture, we have Project Tech shelves and countertops, which can be repaired by applying heat, and elements in the Oxo collection, coated with the sintered mineral XTONE from Porcelanosa Group.

Some of our wall hung basins are perfectly crafted on the underside, which means they can be supported on top of furniture, thereby creating furniture sets that are fully integrated with furniture from collections like Essence C, Pure, Hotels, Cube, or the Square structures.

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