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Counter top basins

Counter top basins have become of the most widespread trends in bathroom design in recent times. Some of them can take the look and feel of this room in a completely new direction. Counter top basins are almost sculptural pieces, whose style can transform the bathroom washbasin area. 

They sit on the washstand itself, although there are versions that can be wall mounted. They are often combined with taps with high spouts, wall-fitted units or others according to the model of washbasin, but they can also be combined with normal taps.

Geometry and endless designs for counter top basins 

The washbasin is one of the bathroom fittings that most determines the general appearance of the room, and this is even truer of a counter top model. Its very design makes it a decorative feature. 

The aesthetic geometry of this ceramic (almost sculptural) piece is one of its greatest appeals, but it must also respect ergonomic principles to ensure it is practical. 

You can choose shapes, designs and colours to meet any requirement of style or functionality from the wide range of counter top basins available from Noken.

With regard to shape, basins may be oval, round, square or rectangular, with rounded or angular corners, and designs include the latest trends in slim, thin edge ceramic models. These are just some of the options available. 

Turning to colour, Noken's range includes finishes in white gloss, matte white and even colours such as matte black, grey and sand. The new Finish Studio range also allows Slender counter top basins to be personalized with finishes in Bottega Acero, Berna, Bottega Caliza, Verbier Dark, Gold, Copper and Titanium, Worn black and Ferroker (the last two need to be specially ordered) using either decal or paint processes. 

Noken Ceramic, high range ceramic products for bathrooms

Counter top basins are made with Noken Ceramic, an ultra-compact ceramic, fired at 1250o to guarantee extra strength, taking our bathroom fittings to a higher level. The careful selection of raw materials, the NK Protect chemical formula and the enamelling process used in its manufacture produce a highly durable, hypoallergenic material that is resistant to scratching and thermal shock. In addition, very strict tolerances are achieved in planimetry and surfaces. Easy maintenance and cleaning, and maximum guarantees.

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