Soap dish/soap holder

To facilitate the task of washing hands in the bathroom or in the kitchen, there are different types of dispensers of soap or hydroalcoholic gel that provide the appropriate dose for each use, maintaining a careful aesthetic in the space where it is located thanks to its exclusive designs and quality of its finishes.

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Wall mounted soap dish

urban c


Wall mounted soap dish



Soap and sponge basket



Soap and sponge basket 2 levels



Corner soap basket



Wall mounted soap dish

The line of dispensers available in our collection can be adapted as bathroom soap dispensers, with different designs that adapt to the decorative style of each space and coexist in harmony with it, as well as kitchen soap dispensers.

Our wide range allows you to find the best one that suits your needs, from fully integrated countertop soap dispensers, as in the stainless steel Tono series; or also wall-mounted soap dispensers, such as our Forma, Lounge and Urban C series, being an ideal option as shower soap dispensers as they achieve an accessible and functional space, free of obstacles.

In addition, with the safety and hygiene of our customers in mind, we have a range of Touchless automatic soap dispensers that, thanks to technology put at the service of people's safety and well-being, provide an automatic dosage of hydroalcoholic soap or gel without need for contact.

This function, together with the high quality of the materials used for its manufacture, solve any current need to create hygienic and safe spaces, free of bacteria, perfect for both use in public and private spaces.

These can also be an excellent choice, as industrial soap dispensers for projects where hydro-alcoholic soap or gel dispensers are needed that will withstand constant and continued use.

We also have different options depending on the type of soap you need, both soap dispensers for foam and liquid soap dispensers that allow you to regulate the amount of appropriate product necessary for each use.

In addition, many of the models are available in special Finish Studio finishes such as copper, titanium, gold, white or matte black.

Noken offers a wide range of resistant and easy-maintenance solutions with refillable, vandal-proof and anti-drip pushbutton models.