Noken optical hand dryer is one of the perfect bathroom accessories with which to complete the hand washing process, especially indicated for bathrooms located in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels or shopping centers. With Touchless technology, this electric hand dryer is the ideal option for non-contact hand drying, thus maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. And, in addition to maintaining hand hygiene as a preventive measure, avoiding touching items that may be contaminated is another safety barrier to protect ourselves and, therefore, others.

Public health has become a priority and, with it, hygiene and safety, both in private spaces and in public spaces. For this reason, our wide range of contactless products and accessories, in which our optical dryer is an exponent, is conceived and designed for this.

So, just by bringing your hands together, this optical dryer will detect it and operate. With a high-speed fan, this bathroom dryer is designed to make drying hands quick, easy, and efficient too.

Made of steel, with a mirror stainless steel finish and a careful design with curved shapes, this optical hand dryer combines excellence both in its aesthetics and in its functionality, integrating perfectly into any decorative style.

It has measures of 25cm. high, 33 wide and 18 cm. deep, an ideal size for both large and smaller rooms.

Because making a difference is achieved with the small details that, sometimes, are everything.