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Hydroalcoholic soap and gel dispenser

To facilitate hand washing, both in the private and public sphere, Noken has a wide collection of soap dispensers or gel dispensers, in which the design, functionality and quality of their materials make them a perfect accessory for the bathroom or to locate it in public spaces.

The entire range available has automatic soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers that incorporate Touchless technology: a proximity sensor activation system that becomes an optimal hygiene solution for the bathroom by providing the recommended quantity of soap or alcoholic gel for each washing, no need for contact. A technology designed to serve the safety and well-being of people now, more than ever.

Hygiene and well-being with Noken dispensers

Bathroom soap dispensers are available as wall-mounted soap dispensers and, in this way, they are fully integrated into the space, in harmony with it and avoiding any type of obstacle in the room.

To complete hand washing, the steel paper towel dispenser is also available, with a loading window and a folding front, thus completing a wide range of resistant and easy-maintenance sanitization solutions.

On the other hand, Noken also has auxiliary furniture for automatic soap or gel dispensers, compatible with the different models of dispensers. Among these and, thinking about the inclusion and needs of all people, the version of the PMR auxiliary furniture is included. Noken also has totem poles for totally independent dispensers that can be located in any access or bathroom entry and exit space, thus allowing the soap and gel dispensers to be placed as needed, an accessory indicated above all for public spaces.

Design, quality and functionality, at the service of our clients.

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