In the decoration and functionality in the use of the bathroom everything influences, for this reason, at Noken we offer endless varieties of bathroom accessories that, although they can be perfectly adapted to more modern or minimalist styles, they are also perfectly integrated into the most classic or sober-looking baths.

The toilet brush holder, is a fundamental accessory for maintaining the hygiene of the toilet and at Noken we have a specific collection of floor-standing toilet brush holders, wall-mounted or mixed toilet brush holders, in different finishes and with differentiating designs to be able to choose the one best suited to the decorative style and the prevailing needs of the room and the client.

Brush holder design

We have more minimalist, timeless toilet brush holders, with clean and defined lines, such as in the Tono, Round Inox, Urban C or Lounge range, where the toilet brush holder is the protagonist as it covers more than half of the handle. In finishes, Noken has matt black bathroom brush holders, titanium, copper and gold finish brush holders, brushed or stainless steel and chrome brush holders, which could be integrated perfectly into the room with the rest of the bathroom accessories On the other hand, the Forma, Nantes and Hotels line has a more marked style, where the container reduces its dimensions to those of the toilet brush itself, but its chrome finish is what contrasts more with the stainless steel of the handle, making it special, ideal for bathrooms with a more classic character.

The versatility of some models in their type of application, such as wall brush holders or floor brush holders, means that they can be located where it is best suited. In the first case, facilitating aspects such as cleaning the floor or the passage of people, ensuring a space free of obstacles. In the second, allowing the mobility of the toilet brush holder according to the needs of the client or that the stay requires.