Water. Nature. LIFE.

Natural resources are scarce, and the majority of the population is not aware of how they are wasted on a daily basis. According to data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics in 2016, the average water consumption in homes was 136L per inhabitant a day, of which only 1.5L were used for drinking.


Are we really committed to SUSTAINABILITY? 

We offer you the possibility to get know how much eco are you on your daylies using our WATERFOREST calculator. If the result confuse and committed you to improve, we will also show you some options to become more eco-friendly from now over.

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Because we are WATER. And without water, we cannot exist.



WaterForest are solutions to save 89% of water


Do you know 73% of consumed water at home is used in the bathroom?

Advances made by Noken in sustainability have also created a range of equipment capable of saving water and energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions. WaterForest is our eco-conscious concept, an initiative which encourages the saving of resources for the preservation of the future, a commitment that saves up to 89% of water. The range also contributes to obtaining international certificates for sustainable buildings such as Leed and Breeam.

Cold-start taps

With cold-start taps, hot water is only activated when you need it. This means you can control your energy costs, as well the level of carbon dioxide heaters and boilers emit when water is heated.

ECO tap aerators

With no impact on user comfort, aerators limit the flow to a fixed maximum of litres per minute - regardless of the pressure - and can reduce water usage by up to 89%. A standard tap consumes 12 litres/min. With ECO WaterForest aerators by Noken, consumption can be reduced to 1.3 litres/min, representing an 89% water saving.

AIR ECO technology for showerheads and hand showers

The AIR ECO system for showerheads and hand showers mixes water with air, and its mechanism reduces consumption by 10%, as well as C02 emissions.

If standard shower consumption is 20 litres/minute, AIR ECO limits it to 6 litres/minute. In percentage terms, this represents 70% lower consumption.

ECO dual flush toilets

Traditional flush systems consume 9 litres per use, leading to higher water consumption. WaterForest NK Doble Eco toilet systems mean you can use more or less water during flushing depending on your needs; with a choice of 6 or 3 litres, or 4.5 or 3 litres, saving 55% and 61% respectively.


Tips for sustainability


Good management of natural resources depends largely on people. We propose simple gestures for daily life which will help with the conservation of the environment and the efficient management of our resources so that each drop counts.

Time flies in the shower, so watch the time.

According to WHO, a standard shower lasts around 10 minutes, during which up to 200L of water can be used. (20L a minute). Water consumption during 5 minutes in the shower and a maximum flow rate of 6L per min with Noken's WaterForest products: 30 litres. (Saving -85%).

Have a shower instead of a bath.

Water consumption for half a bath: 250L. Water consumption for a 5 minute shower with WaterForest products: 30L. (Saving -88%).

Repair leaks and stop drips

Repair leaks and stop drips in: basins, shower taps and in the toilet cistern. If a drop fell every second, it would mean a waste of 4.32L a day; some 1577L a year.

Turn off the tap while soaping up, shaving or brushing your teeth.

If we have the tap running for 30 seconds instead of 2 min while brushing our teeth, we can save up to 18L each time.

Choose WaterForest

Choose WaterForest Solutions by Noken and save up to 89% of water.



We help to create a more sustainable future. ECO Stone y ECO Light are our shower tray series commited with the environment, without missing properties as resistance, lightness and easy to install and transport.

Create transforming

ECO Stone eses recycled materials that help us to reduce the garbage that every year end in our oceans.

REAL SAVING Calculator

Would you know how to explain the economic and resource savings that ECO solutions offer for the bathroom? Enter the WATERFOREST configurator and discover it.