Liem Collection

Decking out the bathroom under a comprehensive concept, the Liem elements combine fine materials with technological ceramic. Natural American walnut wood in legs and mouldings with polished and rounded shapes, together with the XTone porcelain tile, with high technical resistance properties and easy maintenance. A collection of timeless pieces which pay tribute to the elegance of mid-century design.


We reinvent the vintage style. Smooth and polished shapes, and a pastel colour range in finishes. A calm design for a harmonious, luminous and natural bathroom with modernised romanticism. Expressivity without shrillness.

Bathroom furniture

A light structure made up of a piece with a 120cm width, available in two versions,namely: wall-hung and with legs to the floor (floor mounted) and in a grey matt finish. It is combined with a worktop made of XTONE, with technical properties which make it highly resistant, in the Liem Grey Silk finish for the grey matt version. It includes a worktop moulding in natural American walnut wood, combined with legs in the same finish. 


A 7mm thin edge basin with rounded edges, made of the 56cm in width high-quality Noken Ceramic, and in two finishes, namely: white gloss and white matt.


Its oval mirror is made from a natural walnut veneer, with a finish achieved thanks to thorough craftsmanship in the selection and assembly of small pieces, creating an elegant continuity in the frame. The result is proof that human craftspeople are essential for achieving a perfect final finish. Thus, in addition to commitment to innovation, Noken maintains traditional production by craftspeople, ensuring quality and the perfect imperfection of “handmade” products in each of its pieces for the bathroom.