Forma Collection

A timeless collection with contemporary nuances. It is notable for its curvature and design with rounded edges, which give it lightness and uniqueness. A new, more emotional and functional way of conceiving the bathroom, where comfort and convenience in use are prioritised above all other aspects. Perfect for appealing to minimalism. An ode to prestige and comfort, through its winding lines and subtle luxury.


An ECO challenge, the result of the constant work of the R&D department, seeking greater environmental responsibility. With the turn on cold system and ECO aerator for saving water and energy. Practical and sustainable use. Designed to impress. The shower taps are thermostatic with the hidden Smartbox system.

Bathroom units

Subtlety and unique design in a bathroom unit which perfectly complements the suspected washbasin with support area. In two aesthetic versions: combination of grey and white, and white and grey to emphasise the aesthetic of the piece.


Various options for greater versatility in design and use. 100cm suspended version with smooth edges and a practical support area, and separate support, attached or low attached versions, combining purity with clear lines. This set of washbasins is notable for its range of formats, functionality and quality.


The aesthetic smoothness and characteristic rounded edges of Forma are also seen in the toilet and bidet. In the suspended version, they seem to float, giving a subtle lightness and charm to the interior design. In the case of the toilet, it has the possibility of effective cleaning of the bowl with Forma Rimless, NK Clean technology. It is also an ECO product, designed for double flush of 4.5 and 3 litres.


Two products, satisfying the design of each bathroom. One horizontal with polished edges and a winding design; and two circular versions, with and without light.


A new way of experiencing the shower. Subtle design, oriented to awakening the senses. Ultra-flat showerhead, barely 5mm thick, with a double water output function to offer the greatest wellbeing: fine rain or waterfall. Additionally, it facilitates water savings with 9 litres/minute. The collection also includes a shower pack with an ultra-flat design and Maximum Chrome finish, a guarantee of quality.


Countless accessories which complement the design of the whole bathroom. Following the same aesthetic as the Forma collection, they are manufactured 100% from brass with Maximum Chrome finishes for additional resistance and lasting durability, even for installation in wet areas.

Wall lamps

Additional light points with a chrome finish to increase comfort in the bathroom.

Towel dryers

Unique designs for increasing warmth in the bathroom.