Colección ESSENCE C

Baños sobrios, baños delicados. Baños modernos en los que prima la sencillez. Esa es la ‘esencia’ de la colección Essence-C, un equipamiento de baño de líneas rectas y puras en el que predomina la practicidad, el confort del usuario en el día a día. Una conjunción de piezas de gran personalidad, carisma y vanguardia.


Essence-C: with simple details that exude the purity of the collection. This is an incredibly flexible range thanks to the wealth of formats and sizes available. A play on linear forms, made in highly resistant materials such as high-end Noken Ceramic®, and furnishings in wood with a special treatment making them suitable for use in wet areas.


Designed with maximum versatility in mind, Essence-C washbasins come in various dimensions - 60/80/100/120/140 cm - and are available with either a right or left-hand bowl. A matt black version is also available in 80 and 140 cm format. All are made in high quality Noken Ceramic®. They can either be wall-mounted or integrated into units from the same range.


Practical toilets available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing formats - in gloss or matt white, or Finish Studio colours. The size makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms, with a compact 50 cm deep model available as well as a standard 56 cm version. Perfect for minimalist bathrooms, and available with our Rimless cleaning system.

Towel dryers

Pieces designed with their own personality which adapt to any bathroom space, in large sizes for greater warmth and comfort. Available in Chrome, black and white finishes.

Bathroom units

Blending natural walnut wood with exquisite matt black accents on the frame and handles. These stylish wall-mounted units with a generous storage capacity have been designed with maximum practicality in mind, and are available in widths of 80 or 140 cm. The drawer itself is easy to pull out, with a practical handle. It benefits from a soft and silent drawer mechanism, offering total user comfort. The interior of the drawer features a leather lining.