Your bathroom, your way of life: bathroom equipment inspired by people

Noken como empresa especializada en equipamiento de baño del Grupo PORCELANOSA, en su afán por crear baños que denoten una experiencia de ducha cotidiana inigualable, delimita una colección para cada exigente necesidad estética y emocional.

Everything around us, inspires us, and shapes our lives. Every detail is capable of saying something about who we are, what our lifestyle is and even what our aspirations are. Therefore, there is nothing which defines who we are better than our bathroom  decoration. A designed and enriched space, which reflects the personality and preferences of its users.

Sometimes, in relation to our bathrooms, because time is not on our side, this often means that the space is blurred and it does not have any coherence, which then lessens the sense of belonging and the well-being of the user at the same time. Noken, as the company specialised in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA GROUP, offers us a helping hand in its quest to create bathrooms that denote a unique experience with our daily shower, delimiting a collection for each demanding aesthetic and emotional need.

You only have to recognise the decorative style that best suits your way of life and then let yourself become captivated by the firm’s most innovative bathroom equipment so that your bathroom becomes a small shrine for relaxation and a shelter designed with ensuring your well-being in mind.

Vitae collection: legendary elegance

Elegance has always been an intrinsic value that is sometimes difficult to verbalise and even imitate, but, it meets one of the most sough-after decorative styles. To achieve a bathroom that inspires elegance, it has to make a commitment on sophisticated pieces capable of turning daily contact with water into a unique and unrepeatable experience.

The Vitae collection, a lasting legacy from Zaha Hadid, responds to the equipment inspired by water movement, which vibrates by itself and expresses the most complete and elegant made matter. Soft shapes with a strikingly futuristic style create a bathroom whose distinction lies in the comfort and purity of its shapes that mould every human being in its more futuristic waters.


The Hotels Collection: functional minimalism

Putting aside the stridencies and excesses, minimalism prevailed in New York in 1960 and since then, it has been gaining more importance in the interior design sector, reinventing itself year after year. Such is its immortality that this year it has taken its motto "less is more" to the maximum exponent with a new trend: the dematerialisation. This has no purpose other than to strip the bathroom of everything that is unnecessary and include equipment with pure and infinite lines that meet the timeless aesthetic but with an imposing character and functionality.

Transparent floor-level showers, or monochromatic bathroom equipment with perfect lines, are just some of the most used resources for achieving this extraordinary decorative finish.

The pieces from the Hotels collection are capable of providing quality, as well as a bathroom with the required simplicity, calmness and harmony. A collection designed for those looking for small works of art that offer a dream shower with minimal style.

Urban C collection: compact modernity

Spaces reduced to the bare essentials that let themselves be wooed by the most cutting-edge designs. This is what the bathrooms from the Urban C collection are like. The XS bathrooms are no longer seen as a hiccup to become an opportunity for including compact bathroom equipment that not only meets all requirements on a functional level but also on a clean and sophisticated aesthetic level. In these kinds of atmospheres, special lighting that focuses on certain decorative elements through wall lights, as well as taps and basins that seem to merge into a single decorative piece is recommended.

equipamientos -baño-urban-c-noken-porcelanosa

Pure Line Wood Collection: natural inspiration

One of the most cutting-edge trends regarding bathroom decoration is to make a commitment on pieces that denote nature with noble materials such as wood. Its mission is to create spaces that excite, and enhance the feeling of well-being and self-care. Ceramic parquet flooring simulating the purest wood, wild decorative motifs and green colours, these are some of the most effective decorative resources for recreating a space that inspires a nature like feeling all around.

Both the design and the materials selected in the Pure Line Wood collection go deep into the deepest forests to extract their extraordinary shapes, as well as the most native of materials. In this collection by Noken, pieces of bathroom equipment such as mirrors or bathroom furniture that give warmth and robustness, without foregoing a purist and inspirational design.

Lounge Premium collection: cutting-edge technology

The Lounge Premium collection is designed for enthusiasts of the latest technologies and the most impressive designs. The bathroom has stopped being a pit stop type of place in which we just pass through to become one of the most important spaces in the house. A space where including the most current cutting-edge technology provides a unique bathroom experience. With a subtle, curvilinear and dynamic design, Lounge is able to offer a futuristic aesthetic as well as an absolute feeling of rest and relaxation.

Bathrooms inspired by people. Havens evoked so that people have a unique feeling of belonging ehich inspires and helps them to achieve the most complete calmness and relaxation.

equipamientos-baño-lounge-premium-noken porcelanosa-01

In addition to meeting the demanding aesthetic preferences, it is essential that your bathroom responds to an optimal functionality and practicality. Adapting to the needs that each moment requires. Bathroom equipment that livens up all your senses every morning and helps you to disconnect at the end of the day.

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