Bringing the ‘wow effect’ to public bathrooms: a new experiential concept

Public bathroom design for hospitality, shopping centres and cultural spaces etc. is ever-evolving. As communal spaces, they need to adapt to the needs and emerging demands of users over time, with particular attention paid to the fixtures and fittings, and of course practicality. And now we're goin

In the times we're living in, touchless bathrooms in public spaces are a must, as part of our response to a worldwide crisis. But distinctive design is important too if you want to create public bathrooms with the wow effect, creating an eye-catching and truly memorable space. Every detail counts.

Taps with the wow effect in public bathrooms

SWAN is our innovative, timeless range of extremely beautiful taps. Not only that, but its versatility also makes it suitable for both public and home spaces.

Standing out for its elegance and lightness, this gem has been designed by the studio ERRE Arquitectura.

A top-range tap with the "wow" factor for the most demanding of users. With its simple and ergonomic shapes, it seeks (and achieves) functionality, ecological efficiency and exquisite aesthetics.

Material honesty, technology and sustainability are just the three of the pillars underpinning the WaterForest design, which helps to reduce water consumption thanks to the cold-start and Noken Eco-Flow systems.

Never has distance kept us so safe: electronic touchless taps are ideal. Firstly, as a preventive measure - they only need to detect a hand in order to switch on, so they avoid any physical contact. Secondly, and thanks to the distinctive design of our range and special Finish Studio finishes, the wow effect is guaranteed, creating a truly memorable experience to set you apart from the rest.

Another significant advantage of sensor taps in high-traffic areas is the cost saving element. They can save up to 70% water compared with traditional systems, as the taps switch off when users rub soap into their hands.

The final touch: get the wow effect in public bathrooms with special Finish Studio finishes

When it comes to your choice of colours and finishes, your potential for creating a distinctive space in public toilets multiplies - you can afford to take more dramatic risks than in a private home. And these finishes are trending. Why not add some value and surprise your bathroom users?


Copper, titanium (brushed or gloss options) and matt black finishes will add aesthetic appeal to your space. The perfect addition to make your electronic taps even more special. In the image, Round wall-mounted taps in brushed copper are simply stunning.

Sanitaryware: go for it with colour

If you want to take risks with more than your taps and create a wow effect for customers, going for coloured toilets could be the answer.

You can create a beautifully balanced bathroom design with functional pieces that can be endlessly customised: pedestal washbasins, toilets and washbasins etc. in full colour. The result? Public bathrooms with that coveted wow effect.


Touchless flush system

Other systems key to achieving the wow effect in public bathrooms - as well as ensuring high levels of hygiene - are touchless toilets and flushing systems: smart solutions operated by the IR I-Comfort Line flushing system, available in brushed stainless steel or Finish Studio matt black.


Urinals with contactless flush

Our solutions made for improved hygiene - plus distinctive public bathroom design - include direct feed urinals with an IR flush valve, which uses an infrared sensor to control the flush. These contactless flushing systems don't only mean users can avoid contact when activating the flush, but also ensure the tank flushes in between each use. In short, an enhanced user experience.


 Acro Compact urinal with integrated IR system 

Mirrors to amaze

Mirrors can also make a fine finishing touch to public bathrooms when you're looking to make a strong visual, aesthetic impact. A design for every style.

The sinuous forms of VITAE mirrors by Zaha Hadid would suit a high-end restaurant to perfection.


PURE LINE comes with integrated technology, featuring an anti-mist system and Bluetooth speakers - a great match for gym changing rooms.


The wood elements of LIEM mirrors make for a cosy ambience in a japandi style hotel or restaurant. They'll add a warm feel to the bathroom space and make your guests feel like they're at home.


As well as all these solutions, you need to think about the layout of shared bathrooms, like the distance between the washbasins, urinals or toilets. That way you can find the perfect balance between functionality, maximum hygiene and safety in your communal bathroom, creating a memorable experience and achieving a wow effect that will stand the test of time.


Design, technology and innovation at the service of today's needs. 

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