World Water Day: an eco-design optimized for saving water by Noken

Category: News
Date: 21 mar 2018

Drinking water is a limited resource. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, just 3% is fresh water, with most of it being frozen in the poles, or in mountain regions. 

It is estimated that barely 0.001% of water today is drinkable and this quantity is decreasing each year to a large extent, and this is caused by human activity.

Clean water and safe sanitation is one of the main objectives for this project of “sustainable development objectives” by the UN and March 22 is the chosen date for highlighting this problem that effects so many people.

Noken experiences

Noken, the firm that specialises in bathroom equipment from the Porcelanosa Grupo, works on designing: sanitaryware, baths, showers, basins and related accessories which, offer the best possible enjoyment and relaxing experience, and it is all geared towards people and their time in the bathroom. The main focus is on functionality, as well as taking care of those small and all important details.




Responsibility and efficiency at every stage

In a context such as this, it becomes evident that both looking after and preserving this essential resource to live our daily lives is not an option, but an obligation. The Ecotech department in Noken is committed to sustainability and it works on improvement, on an ongoing basis, in order to accomplish the best possible efficiency in relation to responsible use, along with other environmental issues. Being concerned with maintaining a sustainable process at every creative stage, the ecodesign is key to manufacturing efficient products which are environmentally friendly. The production plants are designed for water re-use and for optimising the use of water, which results in a saving of up to 70% in sanitaryware manufacturing. Most of the products are now designed with the focus being on the water use saving for the end user, as well as offering the possibility of reducing the use with flow reducers for taps and showers alike.

Some of the innovative technologies that Noken has incorporated into its designs are: cold water opening system taps; which allow for a saving on energy consumption, the ECO cartridge; double shut-off valves in taps that allow for a saving of up to 50%, Air ECO; it incorporates special nozzles that reduce the cost of water in the shower from 6 to 12 litres per minute; the ECO STOP button, which reduces the flow of water to zero when the lever is only half open or ECO discharge, a cistern system with a double discharge of water volume which saves 25% when compared to a traditional mechanism.




Everyday gestures

Each person can make a difference in relation to the responsible use of this incredibly limited resource which is necessary for life itself. This can be done by:

  • Replacing old sanitryware for new pieces and an optimised design which, because of their designing, are now making a saving, just like the bathroom pieces from Noken do.
  • Installing flow reducers.
  • Always closing the tap lever tightly when not in use.
  • Re-using used oil to avoid water contamination instead of pouring it down the drain.
  • Repairing leaks and avoiding drips.




Every one of these small tasks can be easily carried out and together, the total amount is a saving which is crucial for our planet today.