World Water Day: an eco-design optimized for saving water by Noken

El día 22 de marzo es la fecha seleccionada por la ONU para dar visibilidad al problema del agua. En Noken, nos sumamos apostando por la sostenibilidad.

Drinking water is a limited resource. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, just 3% is fresh water, with most of it being frozen in the poles, or in mountain regions.

It is estimated that barely 0.001% of water today is drinkable and this quantity is decreasing each year to a large extent, and this is caused by human activity.

The 2018 UNESCO report "Nature-based solutions for water" claims that by the year 2050, water shortages will affect about 5.700 million people in the world, two thirds of the world’s population. According to this document, international water demands grow by 1% each year, and it will continue to do so in the coming decades due to population growth, changes in consumption patterns and economic development.
World Water Day is celebrated on March 22. A commemoration promoted by the UN as a means of raising the awareness and the importance of sustainable freshwater resource management. The First World Water Day took place in 1993 after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. Since then, the reality of water is even more of a reality, through the participation of companies and entities in the "Humanity needs water" initiative.

Sustainability, today and always

Undertaking sustainable actions is the responsibility of companies and individuals. WaterForest is the sustainable commitment by Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo. As well as that, so that resource savings like water is present both today and always in the future, Noken not only designs a range of ECO products, but also guidelines and recommendations for saving water by up to 85%.

Lower water consumption at home and in hotels: #SaveTheWaterForest

In a context like this, where water shortage is a fact, it becomes clear that both caring for and preserving this essential resource for everyday life is not an option, but a duty. Noken makes its ECODesign available to everyone, so that with small gestures, we can see: homes, restaurants and hotels save water and energy in the bathroom recurrently. The cold opening taps or the ECO double flushing system for toilets are two technologies which favour water savings by up to 56% in the case of double ECO flushing. Likewise, this brand has designed the implementation of ECO aerators for the bathroom taps, whose flow limiter can save up to 83% water.


Responsibility in all stages

In a context such as this, it becomes evident that both looking after and preserving this essential resource to live our daily lives is not an option, but an obligation. The Ecotech department in Noken is committed to sustainability and it works on improvement, on an ongoing basis, in order to accomplish the best possible efficiency in relation to responsible use, along with other environmental issues. Being concerned with maintaining a sustainable process at every creative stage, the ecodesign is key to manufacturing efficient products which are environmentally friendly. The production plants are designed for water re-use and for optimising the use of water, which results in a saving of up to 70% in sanitaryware manufacturing. Most of the products are now designed with the focus being on the water use saving for the end user, as well as offering the possibility of reducing the use with flow reducers for taps and showers alike.

Everyday gestures

Noken's commitment to sustainability is also related to the population’s awareness towards a more efficient consumption. Small everyday actions can save large amounts of water, namely: reducing shower time, repairing leaks and drips, and turning off the taps while soaping up. Do you want to know how much you spend on each action? See the WaterForest Configurator.


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