Wood leads the way in the bathroom: perfect harmony between what is natural and what is functional

The trend towards the natural comes to the bathroom through materials like wood that provide warmth and character. The bathroom has become a space for relaxation and well-being, where contact with natural fittings, materials and finishes is essential to achieve a harmonious, comforting environment.

Genuine materials are playing an increasingly important role in bathroom design, wood being one of the finishes that best suits this new bathroom concept, based on the revitalising power of water and the harmony between each item in the room.

Wood is not only natural, but it is a material with its own timeless character and look, which is perfectly compatible with both contemporary bathroom style and more vintage designs, creating an authentic space with its own personality.

The bathroom equipment developed by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms adapts this fine material to the needs of the bathroom, creating wooden bathroom furniture and accessories, specially treated to meet the demands of a room with such high levels of humidity. 

Wooden furnishings in the bathroom

wood-bathroom-ideasLiem walnut sand finish furniture

Espiga Lounge furniture: Comfort and durability

The Lounge collection features modern finishes in line with the latest trends and its straight yet sinuous forms lend an exquisite, refined Italian tone to any bathroom.

wood-bathroom-ideasLounge ambiance

The combination of natural maple wood with the Project Tech surface creates a durable bathroom unit with anti-bacterial properties that gives a sensation of comfort.

Pure Line Wood: minimalism and robustness in the same design

Current interior design favours simple, functional approaches. In order to capture the warm minimalism that is a feature of the latest trends, Noken has created Pure Line Wood, an extension of the Pure Line bathroom collection, which takes advantage of the solid, robust appearance of wood in simple, versatile designs characterised by symmetry and geometric elegance.

The collection takes a new approach to design, combining natural aged oak and a metal frame with legs.

wood-bathroom-ideasPure Line Wood unit

Liem wood finish: reinventing vintage style

The Liem collection combines fine materials such as wood with XTONE synthesised mineral, which combines great strength and durability with easy maintenance. 

The units feature:

  • Natural American walnut wood on legs and trim.
  • Rounded, polished mouldings, bonded to porcelain.

Timeless pieces, like the bathroom unit, that pay tribute to the elegance of mid-century design.

Smooth shapes and pastel finishes. A tranquil, harmonious approach to creating light, natural rooms with a romantic touch. 

wood-bathroom-ideasFloor-standing Liem unit

Liem units with their light structure are available in two sizes: 120 cm wide or 80 cm wide in the more compact version, ideal for small bathrooms. Customers can also choose between:

  • Wall-mounted units.
  • Floor-standing units.

The matt sand finish with XTONE countertop in Ars Beige Nature and a matt grey finish, also combined with an XTONE countertop in a Liem Grey Nature finish, are both suitable for a unit in which wood plays a leading role. 

Essence C: personality, charisma and cutting edge design

wood-bathroom-ideasEssence C units

The Essence C collection is designed to give bathrooms a warm, welcoming feel. Wooden bathrooms, where simplicity and elegance are the keynote, with small details that bring out the purity of the collection.

wood-bathroom-ideasEssence C units

Bathroom units with pure forms and straight lines to make day-to-day living more practical and convenient.

wood-bathroom-ideasEssence C ambience

A very flexible range available in a variety of formats and sizes. The design plays with linear forms and uses highly resistant materials such as sanitary ceramics and wood specially treated for use in wet areas.

Bathtub or shower tray? Choose the natural option that best suits your style

Whether you choose a bathtub or a shower tray for your project, Noken offers unique pieces.

The new Lounge wood-finish bathtub, creates a natural feeling in a room where it will be the centre of attention. A perfect option for a well-deserved relaxing break, focusing on your wellbeing.

wood-bathroom-ideasLounge bathtub in wood finish

If you prefer the modernity and lightness that a flat shower tray brings, without forgoing the warm feel of wood, you will also find solutions in the Finish Studio Slate collection.

wood-bathroom-ideasWood finish shower tray

Wood in the bathroom: Every detail counts

Using wood as a prominent material in the bathroom is a key consideration in following the natural trend in interior design. However, it is not the only one.

In this atmosphere of care and well-being, each detail brings its own natural touch to create a setting where harmony prevails.

wood-bathroom-ideasWooden bathroom shelving

wood-bathroom-ideasLiem matt sand finish unit

If you want natural features to be at the heart of your project, an indoor vertical garden can be the perfect finishing touch.



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